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This is a rather random question, but what colour wold you say Lumi's hair is? I've been going through the coloured pages trying to figure it out @__@
@LiveLoveAnarchist: Oh, I like the sound of a grey shirt base!
September 17th, 2011
One of the most annoying things about waiting for the bus is the people who think they;re moving down wind of you to smaoke, but are actually moving upwind and there is no escape.
Something I happen to do a lot.
Sorry, I've been hoarding updates. Been trying to figure out a solution to my scanning problem.
He had a name change.
I made a bunch of bird cellphone charms for a convention in July.

Not one of them sold. So I'll have to give seling them on the internets soon.
I was told this would make a good shirt. What do you think? Not sure what colour all the other birds are yet, guess I'll have to start with this one.
In which there are birds
This is how it started.
Here we go.