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I like coffee, Yuri, SOME anime, reading, writing, drawing. I have a twisted sense of humor and I can be rather mean from time to time, but I'm also a sweetie, what can I say...I'm a walking paradox and I love to keep people guessing. ^^

Been told I have a quick-wit and ways about me... whatever the hell that means. Umm...yeah that's about it. Love and peace!
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    Shay Panda
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OOoo it's in color! Such a pretty pretty page! And don't feel bad about wanting to draw Amber and her friends, girls are just more fun to draw. ^.^;
Wooooow. This comic is so random and the art is awesome! I love it!
May 27th, 2011
I think I know what's going on! And it's gonna be sad... Still, I'm hooked! Nice page, your art style has come a long away too. Keep up the awesome.