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It's actually been said that getting pleasure from sticking it to a man is a more obvious sign of liking men than getting pleasure from a man. When you're being penetrated, it's just about the pleasure. You don't have to do anything in return, you can just let your mind imagine something else. When you're the one doing the penetrating, it's more likely that it's penetrating that MAN you're with that's getting you off. You have a more active role. So, it's not completely unreasonable that a straight man is actually still straight after having anal with a gay man.

Also- if Nakay ends up liking it, preeeetty sure that makes him bisexual, not gay. xD Gender identity ain't black and white, it's a beautiful rainbow. =o!
Did Dice's food stuff disappear? =o
You know. There have been several pages now where I'd think that it is the BEST page, my favorite in the comic. Then you go and make another one. God damn. We aren't even to the sex yet.
It was kinda strange to go from Tommy and Dake thinking about doing naughty things to Tommy getting stuck with a lethal injection.

Trippy, man.