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I love drawing, hugging and cosplay~ X3
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January 20th, 2016
Major apologies for being so long-winded between updates (and by long-winded, I mean it's been a year already and I'm very ashamed ._.). Honestly I've been doing a lot of background work on the comic, and unfortunately, none of it has come to light yet, and might not for a little while.

So, time for the excuses then :') Well, for one, the prep work for chapter 4 has been huge - bg characters, locations, everything about this chapter is gonna be bigger, and I wanna make sure I've got what I need before I dive headfirst into it. The first couple pages are done, but I want a buffer before I post anything.

The second is that I've been drawing for whatever project I've had most motivation for at the time. As a result I've been working on fandom stuff quite a bit this past year, and I think it's doing wonders for my overall skill, but unfortunately, not in the comics department. My paneling skills have taken a real hit and I gotta get back in the game with all that.

And lastly, I've been working on a new webcomic. I can hear the cries now, 'why have two when I'm slow with one'? Well, this is an old comic I used to work on, rebooted with a new, much more consistent world and characters. I'm really looking forward to getting to work on it some more!

I really hope you'll forgive my slowness with updates. TrickSong is, and will always be, one of the forethoughts in my mind, I just gotta keep trucking along and hope I can start updating again soon!

Thanks for reading! <3
January 12th, 2015
And that's it for the first bonus chapter! =D

Gonna take a few weeks break before the next chapter; cosplay, chapter preperation and the like :3 I've got a guest comic lined up, which I know won't take me far, but I hope you'll enjoy it!
January 5th, 2015
I dub this page "Two dorks in their hatural habitat".

Also for those wondering? Even I'm not entirely sure what Bobby Boodles' House of Noodles is. It's a TV show, and....that's it.
December 29th, 2014
Sophie you little arse XD
December 22nd, 2014

Oh hi there Sophie's mum who's actually called Ebony so now you know 8D
December 15th, 2014
Fighting games and pizza, a good combination, no?

*sigh* Cars are hard T_T
December 8th, 2014
Aaand we're back! New font, new way of colouring, and more consistant and detailed (hopefully!) backgrounds with reference models!

So begins the first bonus chapter, short inbetweens for the main adventures to focus on the real world, rather than the worlds of Sophie's imagination. Actually being able to show Sophie, Hannah and Brett interacting outside of their happy little group is something I'm really looking forward to.

Good to be back, hope everyone enjoys the improvements!

(ps, I know suddenly going uppercase is a bit strange, but I had a good talk with a few people and it was agreed it's generally easier to work with uppercase overall. Really hope that's the case...^^;)
Happy Halloween everyone! Looks like the gang got a pretty big haul this year!

I swear I'm working on the next chapter, honest! I'm improving the quality of the art from this chapter onwards and it's taking so much longer than I was hoping it would D: Also trying to get a buffer going, which is adding to the time x.x

Thank you for being so patient! <3
August 25th, 2014
And with that, chapter 3 comes to an end! Thanks for sticking with me everyone, you're all so awesome <3
August 21st, 2014
But wait, there's more!

It's been a long time coming, but Monday will see the end of our little cloud adventure ^.^ And hopefully it won't be too long before our next one begins! =D
August 14th, 2014
Time for your goodbyes, everyone! Oh yeah, and an apology or two for the electrocution. Kind of a big deal...

Haven't posted two pages in a week in forever! Been really getting stuck in finishing this chapter in between work and the like. I missed being this productive *.*
August 11th, 2014
And now he is Mr Fluffles the Storm Prince 8D

Buncha cuties, the whole lot of 'em <3
August 4th, 2014
Officially the longest chapter so far! But nearly done too ^.^

Hoping to have this chapter done by the end of the month, then move onto some filler while working on chapter 4 =D
Well, now we know who it was!

And knowing is half the b- okay I'll shut up now.
Actually finished this page a couple days ago. Now isn't that odd for me? XP Hoping to have more consistant uploads unti at least this chapter is done, thanks again everyone for being so patient! ^^
@Squirreltastic-Blue: She's never been one for insults, even as light as 'dumb' (she's insanely apologetic if she even remotely makes anyone feel bad). I suppose 'meancloud' would be about as far as she'd go, might change it to that, now I think about it :3
omg new page!! Tried the lineart in Illustrator for this one. It was fun, but I think I'll stick with Painter for future comic pages :3

Boy this chapter's gone on a while, huh? Like baby's first epic XD
Oh hey Sophie, forgot you were in this comic 8D

I really hope it isn't another month before I get the next page finished D: I keep getting too many other ideas in my head ^^;
Aaaand we're back! ...Again! XD

Been working on revamping chapter 1 still and even did a lip sync test too!
So I've been making preparations for if I ever remake chapter 1 for print (and how future chapters after this will look), and here's the WIP so far: 64o1_500.png

Could certainly be a lot worse...right? ^^;