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Oh comments section, how I have missed you.
I've had so many thoughts while reading. I'm glad to have this back. Thanks Patrons!
Mr. Twist, you make our lives a little bit better every day with this comic. It entertains, provokes thought, evokes emotion. We are fortunate to be a part of it.
I don't think it's so much of a moment of realization. I think that moment has already come. I think, honestly, he's just pining. (que parrot sketch jokes)
@Gibson Twist: Yup. It's a pretty sweet piece, regardless.
Hmmm. My first thought was actually Jetfire. The old Transformer.
Happy Canada Day to our friendly neighbors to the North. Celebrate all that is Canadia!

(Of course, from here in Louisiana, almost all of you are to the North, so, yeah. Good times.)
Hey Joe, where you goin' with that...uh...bag on your shoulder.

Doesn't quite have the same ring, does it.
Panel 2....BWAH HA HA HA HA!!!!
@Amgodtic: Considering the comments in all of the strips Rick is in, I think he's got a pretty good idea of how we as a group have judged him.

Also, He writes the character, so he has a pretty good idea of who the character really is.

Personally, I think The Archivist nailed it.
That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is mutual attraction. Note the eye contact, the looks of longing, the "my God I want to kiss you right now" proximity... Christo is going to $hit a kitten (Claws out).
In the sun, in the sun I feel as one.
What bothers me most isn't "Oh God, what's coming with Wiley." I figure the story will get there. All I'll do by stressing over it is cause myself mental anguish. I will wait for that patiently.

What DOES bother me is the more that the pieces fall into place, the more things that we see come together, the closer we are to the end, and THAT is going to sting.

I'm not ready for the story to end.
Yep. I'm seeing some things fall into place now. Stings a little too.
In other news, the phrase "shit a dog treat" just made a permanent home in my lexicon. I'ma steal'at.
Applause to you, Rachel, for being brave enough to allow this bit of artwork.

Mr Twist, well handled, and a good strip to boot.

As for comic reader apps, most of them steal the artwork. There are a lot of comic creators that are getting hosed over those things, and they need to be squashed. (The readers apps, not the creators)

As a result, the only comic I read on my phone is "Least I Could Do" and I do so on an app that they created.
Isn't it always worth the asking, though? I'd say she's a work of art, but...that's kinda obvious.
@Quadrant: You don't have money or a fancy car
And you're tired of wishin' on a falling star
You gotta put your faith in a loud guitar

@Gibson Twist: Mr Twist, it is my nature to actually ENJOY the fact that you're not revealing what and when. My inner troll shall laugh at the wailings of others. MUAH HA HA HA ...<cough>

'scuse me, just lost my mind for a minute.
Wow. I had totally forgotten about that. That adds a touch of awesome to it. Viv is a really fun character.
I vote for "Grab Andy and wear it as a two-man hat".

No, no, that would just be atrocious.