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Location: The Middle Of Nowhere

Likes: My Boyfriend Beni, My Friends ([not in any particular order]Lindsay, John, Mike, Guss, Ethan, Donny, Megan M, Megan N, ), Art, RedvsBlue, Magical Trevor, Punk/Goth style clothes, and lots of other stuff!

Disslikes:Posers, Racists, Mosquitoes, Road Test Instructors.

Music: All kinds of Rock.

Sports: I play tennis and I skateboard.

Games:Halo 2, Doom 3, all the Blizzard games, etc.

Quote: "Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge." -Einstein

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    Kye Park
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lol. I just noticed you were rhyming in your first panel!

he has curly hair like that?
I did another one! This time its "you"!
I gave you some awsome clothes!

Ooooh! The coloring is so much better! That is awsome.
Keep up the good work!

Yeah. I like making them, they are fun.
I'm going to make a comic with them.
I'm planning on making one based on me too.

Hey this is for you!
I cant give you money... what about cookies? Or kisses? Or .... never mind.

YES YES YES! I agree with Neil!


Can't wait for more!
^^^ thats like me, drawing w/ a mouse till i get a new tablet.
Wow... 5.5
That has gotta suck! Atleast you've had to use it for so long that you're really good at it!
well he IS only 11...
holy crap. your pretty good for an 11 year old!!!
November 29th, 2005
i love that song and Chevelle!
November 29th, 2005
I did this today at school for you!
I hope you like it.

November 29th, 2005
You made another after I left!
Well I can SO tell what this one is without you telling me!


that thing is really cute!
This makes me wanna do a Sabishi Hane fan art pic!


I think I am, I AM!
Photoshop CS ... the CS stands for Creative Suite.
That last panel is really cutes. The dragon is cutesie!
I love the kitty.
You have really improved too!
its really cute tho!