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I'm a nursing, black, senior, creeper who longs for Jamaica and Asians.
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I-I don't know if I want her to be with Kino or Takke more ;w;
By the by, I actually like the pencil drawings more than previous styles~ It makes for more room for detail and the shading looks much more marvelous like so~
I love this comic, please do continue, neh? ^^
That is one luuuucky pillow <;3c
Ahaha this is great. xD I'm playing a pokemon RPG as I read it, and I love the whole idea for this.
Can't wait for more ^^
W-What do you mean "To Be Continued"? ;w; I-I want to know what happens to Sergio! D:> Does he get super cool super powers of superness? o: Does he turn into Cupid and have the power to make Simon fall in love with him?
Oh goodness, I'm so curious.
Also I agree with MomotheGreat... I don't really like the pairing. Besides, Sergio is so much cuter, and has male genitalia. Makes him a way better match for Simon.
I've said it a billion times before, and I'll say it again;
I-I kind of wish they weren't kids so I could let my mind wander, b-but it's so cute when they're littler like this. ;w;
I just fangirled so hard, you don't even know.
Cried a lil' at the first panel though, I'm not gonna lie.
But then.
Quillslangin'(Guest) right there. You made me lol. It's so damn true though xD

ALSO SERGIO IS TOO CUTE FOR HIS OWN GOOD. ;A; Simon you're such a meanie.
Ahh Sergio. The cutest little gay boy on the planet, and all the other ones. Man, I love that kid.
Also Nilus needs to suck it up and listen. XP Simon is the boss right now. He was not only saving her butt from a potentially super dangerous foe, but they both would've gotten in trouble for fighting him.
So meh, Nilus.
Screw Bill, I want Bradley Nye the Science Guy!
Hnnnnng escape Lucas, escape! ;w;
Don't you dare let my baby get hurt, Shi! (Even if he's technically you're baby) I've practically fallen in love with the extreme levels of cute that boy has in him. I-I think I'm gonna cry.. You'll be okay, Lucas. T^T
I instantly knew Craig was going to point that out when Kyle asked him how he'd know. I just knew it. XD
Craig was already one of my favorites, you just made him awesome all over again~ <3
OhandStanandKylearesocute cx
He's so damn cute ;w; I'm jealous. Why can't I be an adorable crow/human hybrid? EH.
I hope XD lol
It would have some serious thickening of the plot if Kyle found out o: Eh?
BTW how can you make everyone so adorable and so sexy at the same time? ;w; Share the talentttt
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the guy that looks like Kyle from South Park is adorable <3 You should put him later in the comic :D Pwease? <:3c

BUT OMG TWILIGHT SUCKS HICKORY SMOKED TOILET SEATS. I really love your comic though <3 It's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy way way /WAY/ better than the original
Am I just a crazy perverted old woman... Or is Gunner in total rape position right then? XD And unconscious. Take advantage Kegan ;D
Craig is hot now SCORE! :D I will laugh if Craig comes onto Stan, but everyone here knows Stan will reject him because he secretly loves Kyle, even if he doesn't know it yet :4
OH MY GOD Tweek is so freaking adorable CX
Ahh I just love the biting of his lip X3
And smooth Hoshi. Smooth. XD
Awww cuuuute, they instantly look at each other~ X3 Too bad they're all stubborn. Embrace your inner gay love for the boy next to you, guys! XD

And lol to Craig flipping off Cartman in the back hahah

Aaaaaand Tweek is adorable cx I love him

How does Stan deal with Wendy? XD He should be going after Kyle! O: