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Let's put it this way...

If you could combine all the forces of EPIC into one solitary being, and managed to have that one person still be calm and stable with all that power,

you'd be getting close to what I had in mind.
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...maybe I was a bit too big on the picture.

Consider this a "Thank you" to any and all of you who show up from time to time.
...great cotumes, btw.
I cannot begin to think of how many times a random object in these instances have saved my hide.

>Get water bottle

By the way, welcome back.
Wish I'd thought of that before all of my roommates started leaving for winter break...
If your webcomic had a year for every fan, it would be a quarter of a century old right now.
Character Development
I would love to see this Ganon get some character development. Of course, I'm also that one crazy guy off to the side rooting for the bad guy to win.
I like the mug.
To Luffinpuff:
Is there anything that you wouldn't do for Eric?

To Eric:
At what point would you forcefully ask Luffinpuff to stop doing something?
I think I've got an idea of how that feels.
I like the faded, papery look. Well done.
Suggestions Wanted!

My apologies if it's a bit hard to read today's quote...

So, I'm throwing this out there - do you have any suggestions for a topic I should cover? Let me know in the comments.
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Happy soldiers' awareness day.
Tell me panel 5 doesn't remind you of Lilo and Stitch.
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Gotta start somewhere...
I'm gonna have to agree with you on this, flaredragon, you did a really good job on this one.

@Zash He was saying "LET GO OF ME!!" right before he changed his mind.
>Look around and see if there's anything I can loot from my own house.
Did I miss towel day again?!?
Where's GlaDos when you need her?