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omg. omgomgomg. Let me take a second to FANGIRL OVER THE FACT THIS IS BACK. I'm so glad I kept it in my favourites! I haven't been on SJ in like...months! see this on the first page of my favourites, I thought I'd gone mad for a moment!

OMG. <3 <3 <3 *FLAILS SO HAPPILY* A very delayed welcome back, Antares!!!!

And...and...uhm...ohmygosh, I have no idea where to start <3 This is all so SQUEE. ...Now I'm just going to go back a few pages and fangirl over the twins and Spades being creepy <3 <3 *SQUEALS AGAIN*
Incoherent squealing goes here!
I haven't read in almost three months and then THIS. O. M. G. *SQUEALS*

XD My sides and cheeks hurt from trying not to laugh out loud at the "I don't think it's legal!"

Omg, I haven't read in foreeeever. -finally caught up and can finally comment!- ...Why's everyone saying the hand sign is hard? I can do it just fine;;; hmm...ah well~

As for requests--I'm probably gonna sound like an oddball, but...something with Esau and Abigail...cause they're insanely cute ;w;U Or, yeah, I back the Ursule with a frying pan XD Maybe chasing the twins out of the "kitchen" as they steal cookies or something before dinner??
...Abigail's so cute...<3 So's Esau...gah, who'm I kidding, your whole comic is cute -flails-
...It's bad the snake is my favourite character |D....ah well. -omnomnmomspandexrussia-
Snakey-boo, first panel: =D FOOD, YAY.

Snakey-boo, fifth panel: DX MINE, MINE, MINE.
...Hamburger Trap. -snorts- XD I still love your mom oh so much.

Also, Iggy..if you want him to hush, all you need do is distract him =3

...-steals snakey while she can and slithers off with it- |3
...You do know I'm going to have theme songs for all of them eventually, right )=? ...-whistles adn drags Panda off by cape- =w=
True story, btw I -was- doodling...and my meds decided to wear off before I could finish the last panel. ...I really did hit my head on the computer desk )= it hurt.

Anywho. Last page, Tobias said something about taking Seke's shirt off...and while I'm sure Seke wouldn't mind, he does not approve of flying glomps of doom |3

The last panel was going to have Brooke's reaction and...yeah, that...failed on my part and the meds so I'll finish this when the room's not spinning </3
...oh, you're horrible, Tobias )= you spawn plot bunnies of doodles. But yeah...I want SAI. it's like...mangastudio and photoshop had a GLORIOUS baby. It has MangaStudio's lines and Photoshop's paint-like system. ...Kinda. More like OpenCanvas than Photoshop, I suppose .-.
I'm still debating which one I like more |3;;;...I'll probably be doing both, just because I like...giggle, for some reason I see him jumping between 80s fashion and "cybergoth" if he isn't wearing his usual clothes. I dunno why XD

Seke: Thank you, puppy~ -snugglesnugglekissu- =w=~<3
...So I was supposed to be drawing Hetalia art for a friend...and uh..ended up drawing Seke.

This is something I doodled in on my Economic notes a few days ago and finally got around to redrawing on the computer. In the middle of class-while pretending to listen- I realized "...I've never drawn him in...modern..ish...clothes =o" and began doodling. ...And yep, that's the story behind it =3

...Also, I'm thinking it's time to take scissors to his hair <.< -plots-

Fun Fact: I like his shirt most.

Fun Fact 02: I have those boots IRL

Fun Fact 03: I HATE MANGA STUDIO'S COLOURING SYSTEM. ...ok, I'm done =3 -goes to bed as it is 4am where she is-
Oh Koro =w= We love you~

-chibitacklestheKoro- D< we keep Koro safe!
...Sad thing is, I think that's the only thing Kage trusts us with )=
=3 colouring beat up people is fun, twinny. -omnomnomtwinny-...especially when it's Kori -omnomkori- nwn

...Forgot what I was gonna say, now )=;;
Last panel is made of cute and win XD

Best persuasion line ever: "You can bring Akercock." <3 Satisfied Asmoday + Blushing Belphegor = squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee>w<

Blushing...I blush pretty easily at praise but it's hard to embarrass me. I've also been told I blush pretty easily when I start talking about the guy I've got a crush on. =w=U
....<3 Do approve of the EliotxUrsule

XD Approval for all of them -still giggling-
-nibbles page- Bwah, they still love each other |3 it's a teasing love's cuuute~

</3 Clubs make me nervous-that and all my friends that go to clubs go to the 21+ bar, so I can't get in either way and even if I could I'd be the designated driver-, but DDR is my best friend <3 The closest to a formal dance I've ever gotten to was a friend's wedding. One of my friends decided it was time to drag me out of my corner during one of the songs and made me dance through a few songs before finally releasing me =w=U;ldjf;sdfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3 <3 <3 He's still the most adorable thing ever. I fluff his tail <3 <3

Seke: <3 Puppy! -latches and pets and loves on-
Because I just realized I've never drawn these two together =w=U I fail.

Doodled in about thirty minutes, now I need to scramble to class;;; -darts off-