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Happy new year!!! Now let's start the next chapter.
sorry I didn't tell before
End of chapter 1 :D
We know what to do :3

BTW new backgorunds
We're getting somewere :3
Hollywood... wait...
Thanks for Waiting
Here's the new page ;D
Okay, now you're asking: "He looks different, what happenned?"
Well, he passed 10 years in there no? He must done something in there, with the time the hair grows and he trained in case he can escape.
UFF, finally, but it's done :P
New type of background
Believe it or not, I did all that background, I wanted to try to make better backgrounds and here it is.
Hey, J-Maner is here on SmackJeeves now :D

This page was done like a month ago, and there will be 3 new pages coming soon :P

See ya