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I'm back
I thought I posted on here that I'd be taking a vacation with my family for the holidays but I guess I didn't. Sorry if you guys were expecting an update.
I accidentally submitted the same page twice. The correct page has been posted.
Doing another experiment! Since I'm using Clip Studio Paint now, I'll see if the comic looks good with halftones!
I'm Back!
And I bought a Surface Go for drawing now!
100 pages! Whoop whoop!
I know I’ve been flip-flopping on quality here, but I’m trying to figure out which app I’m gonna use to complete this comic. For this I used an app that allowed me to finish the lineart so quickly that I had time to color in grayscale!
I wasn’t able to post this yesterday, so I did so today.
Thought I had posted this up yesterday, but apparently I didn’t...
Yesterday I had to go to a funeral so I couldn’t get this out in time. It’s here now.
While cleaning up files, I accidentally deleted the project file for this, so I have to redo the settings for this comic... ;_;
The app I used for this Chapter image is different from the first one, so I don’t have the same brushes...
This is the last page of Chapter 1. We’ll start Chapter 2 on Saturday.
It’s actually been difficult trying to draw these pages on Sundays and Mondays, so I’m gonna try submitting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Maybe that’ll be a better schedule.
I didn’t have the time to draw this yesterday, so I had to submit it today.
Happy New Year!
I’m back from a short holiday hiatus. From here on out, I will try to submit a page every 2 days.
I’m using a new app to make these pages. I’ll be going back to change the text on previous pages.
Last page of the prologue.
May 11th, 2012
Hmmm... Maybe her quickening's a shield, which allowed her to block the attack...?
Her mom is gonna destroy her.
@archiloquy: A giant rubber duck is much harder to control than a giant robot.