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I live in Fullerton. I didn't expect you to have heard of it; we're mostly a college town, which doesn't really attract as much as theme parks and shopping malls like the neighboring cities have. If your want to find where Fullerton is, just google a map of Disneyland, go north a few miles past the 91 freeway, and you're there.

I just got back from not doing webcomics for two years. I've changed since then as a person and an artist.

I like:
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Great food
Dr Pepper
Telling jokes
Spending time with my family
Wacthing movies
Wacthing TV
Looking up stuff on the internet
Playing games
Cute girls
Listening to comedy albums
Listening to audiobooks

I Dislike:
People who are full of themselves
Bees, Wasps, and other stinging insects
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    Charles Schwaniger
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@kinny-man: You probably should have marked it completed then.
Once again, I'm changing my characters. I'm mostly going to just give them more defined personalities. Hyperguy will be more consistent and based on myself than a separate character. Cassandra will less manic and a moral center for Hyperguy.
I would guess that their both based on the Dastardly Whiplash trope.
Finally finished the follow-up.

Hyperguy is saying the last line there.
It's been five days, yet I'm the first one to comment?
I'm just loving the version of Paint on Windows 7. Text will no longer be a hassle.
I am now offically a twenty-something.
@Omega001: Look up the DW character pages @
@Omega001: Was that a joke? If so, you have poor taste.
I'll be in Santa Barbara this weekend. I'll probably keep track of things from there.
@ZachLight: I think it's because of Paint.Net.
This is actually my first time using in a while.
@Omega001: I've heard that he's happily married to it.
Sorry, Zackman, I'm kind of in a pinch myself monewise.
@Omega001: That's okay, I'm not good at keeping focus either.
Because it brings up conversations like this.

Yeah, it's not the best title.
@ZachLight: See, I even forgot he was in a coma. We need to update this comic more often.
Finally, an update. I totally forgot that he was injured. You think he would by recovered by now considering it's been a friggin' month.
Yeah, this usually happens when someone asks me to do something.