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i draw and i am debating making a comic one day

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I'm pretty sure i already said something like this before..but..seriously?? This is exactly what happened to me. Like, exactly. I was Sooch..and the whole trying to prove it's not going to work with trying a kiss and stuff, or just pray for some reason you like it and everything turns out great (it didn't). But that's why i like this story a lot because it's pretty damn realistic esp from my past experience
Man this story as a whole kinda speaks to me...I was Sooch, though a gay dude and my best friend of 5 years confessed to me. I just kind of buckled under pressure and gave it a try as well, because of guilt and not wanting to hurt her...aaaaand after that big mistake we haven't talked in 6 years. But so far this is going pretty accurately to what happened with me..gj x')
lmao drunk whale calls from a washed-up cowboy i'm dead
always gotta keep hands free for the animal 'ppreciation ;v; but also terrifying and reminds me of the time my friend drove us somewhere while drunk, high, and making a freaking sandwich all at once.. i'm grateful to be alive..
@kwippo: omigod, me too, i totally feel that. in the past i was in the position sooch was in, except i was asexual...but this girl insisted that "i couldn't be asexual" and it really wrecked our friendship in the end because she just wouldn't stop...but howie doesn't seem like the kinda guy to try and force it. if sooch is straight i think they can stay good friends 8')
well, the forest fire sure is..gorgeous tonight. congrats on the new apt!
kimrick's reaction seems pretty realistic to me. waking up in the night to see a mass of destruction and having to think fast and try to fix everything when the person who caused it is just sitting there (no offense to kylie, i would be the same lmao). kylie's feelings aren't top priority in the heat of the moment and kylie is an easy outlet for kim's anger and panic(?). just my two cents, i think the dialogue is well written here.
dang it's been a while! definitely interested in an original comic and an animated series yesss. glad you seem to be doing well, except about the liver thing, but awesome that that's soon to be over with (8
LOL if you accidentally murder takashi..i like how hiro's brain works
run greg run while you still can and never look back
@whensaturnrings: bahaha yesss
yes, many chores like laying in bed and petting cats and plotting things
i found a really old selfie recently in which i think i kind of resemble Loke pre-haircut. it reminded me of him when i saw it but maybe i'm crazy

unintentional cosplay? maybe??

also i love your comic and characters and art and your little comments and replies to readers always make me laugh

but i haven't commented because i can't think of stuff to say -sweats-
January 4th, 2015
their should be they're! sorry don't mean to be grammar nazi or anything
January 4th, 2015
wah i love this family so far and these two especially. also dat jesus in the second panel
ah I'm like that too. being asexual, all i really have is artist standpoint. the only thing I find striking about people's appearances are unusual features that look fun to draw. I really hate models because they all look the same and have perfect symmetric feautures. so usually I end up liking features considered ugly, like big noses, thin really red lips, thick dark eyebrows, round feminine faces (on men anyway it may be considered ugly), and weirdly enough dark circles under people's eyes or sick looking people. i like feminine men and masculine women...androgyny i guess whee anyway NO MORE RAMBLE
@Lugbzurg: Poop dawg, gangsta specta of defeat!
jock how can you say no to that face
small the cat, eheheh
loving the style changes