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Gabriel Grey
October 28th, 2014
You can NEVER update too fast! xD I like your style till now and who doesn't like cute boys in crop tops! :D
I hope Kaidou's gonna hire some real good lawyers and sue the ass off that company!
I love how the cat looks like "hey there will be sleep let's join it!"
Gabriel Grey
September 12th, 2014
Poor Aki. q_q I'm crying a bit myself right now. That's really unfair.
OMG I spy a new wallpaper for my laptop! ^w^ I love the colors :3
OMG I love this comic! I know you're busy and run a lot of other comics but I'd still love to see more pages of it :3
If I remember the legend right, there will be a punishment for this ^^
@Crimson Chains: OMG and now there's such a pretty picture with the Semes, too! I need a second monitor!
This picture is so beautiful! I just applied as a desktop background I hope it's fine with you >3<
Gabriel Grey
August 16th, 2014
Fancy old guns are fancy~ I love the setting and stuff, this 'almost historical correct but here have a dose of fantastically dressed priests'-thing.
So pretteh ;A; In real life Aki sure would become a model or something ^^
Nuuu leave Aki alone! Hags >_>
But yay for the new header :3 Really pretty
@Cyna: As long as they don't poop on the sketches xp I bet keeping hens is fun, but they won't sleep in your bed, right? Having pets sleep in your bed is great >3>
You got hens in your house? xD
I'm so happy we see some more pages here. :3 This is actually one of my most fav comics on smackjeeves so it's always great to have another page.
And yes I know I could help making it faster ;p
Awwwww <3 So so pretty :3 Looks like they would get along really well :3
No special occasion, but I just wanna tell you I fuckin love this comic. I love all of its characters and the style and the story and you. Thanks so much :)
Omg dem Parrot-Plushies on the shelf! xD They somehow look like Aki and Kaidou as birdies. x3
@Crimson Chains: YAY! 8D Happy Birthday, Sweetie! *w* Thanks for all the great comic pages :) May you live long and draw countless more of them :)

And Kaidou would probably eat all of the cake at once >3>
@RenRou: Sorry if I sounded rude. I just have my difficulties with that kind of reaction xp