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Ah, this is getting so good! Can't wait for the next page, keep up the good work~<3!
What if this is a test to see her determination ho~ :3
Tis alright Zero-I! We can wait, at least when you come back in December you'll be your readers christmas present~!
A scary Skylar is a sexy Skylar ;)
Such. Nice. Coloring and Drawings~<3!
Ooooh~! Why so sewious? But seriously, this is getting intense. >3<
Haha everyone just wants a piece of Aero, if ya know what I mean~<3
Ahh, how I miss reading this~<3 being gone for so long this really brightens up my day :D
Dang aero knows how to start a riot :) Haha, are you sure I got it right cause you wrote that it was Ryo from "sumpercell" ;)
Thnx Zero-I and thx again cause i found out its that Ryo from supercell right?! Yeah, if it is can we do the tea party one?

Edit: Page is interesting by the way :>
haha same here. Just gotta last 3 or less more weeks! Ah but my teachers are still making me do essays. No relaxation at all. Welp t lest I have your comics to look forward to :D

Edit: Can you give me a hint on where the name comes from by the way or if its part of a name. I'm stumped <(-~-)>
Yeah, onomatopoeia's for the win! Haha, glad you like my idea ;) Oh yeah, going off topic but how is high school for you? Or did you already finish :I

Edit: Oh yeah gonna guess again, it Nishikido Ryo
Is it Ryo the one that made Black rock shooter? IDK. Welp anyways Ryo is soooo adorable~<3(i meant the pet). Glad to hear you're back as well.

edit: You should dress them up as a family with Riley as the father, Aero as the mother, with Kanae as the eldest child and luke the son.
That OR a tea party with all the guys in dresses.
Aw don't worry Aero, I don't thin you're annoying. Just really really overly exciting. Oui, tres amusant et interesant aussi! :D~<3
ALl's good but now im anxious for the next page >3<
It's getting more and more interesting. love your work please make more
Is it me or did the door knob switch sides o.o?
Haha Aero is like the caring mother that reads you a book every night and Riley is like the dad who doesn't care :D Seems like it was a bad memory for Aero, poor baby -~-
Haha Aero does have a point and Riley is looking amazing as ever~<3
Sorry to hear that your "account" got hacked...why is there quotes on account?
February 23rd, 2012
B, definitively B.
the page looks great and i did have a good valentines thank you very much. How was your valentines, Zero-I?