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I'm a goof that likes to draw things.

tumblr: spud-of-love
twitter: lovelyspud
Patreon: lovelyspud
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I just wanted to think everyone for their support!
@Xabel Mind: That would be b/c I forgot to resize the page lol~ Thanks for letting me know!
Welp, lets hope this works!
Oh my God Sugar is so cute!!
I don't remember adding this to my favorites, but I'm glad I checked to see what it was! This was so sweet and absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing!
Seven years?? Dang... I totally feel not having to have the energy to draw so don't force yourself~
I think I originally started reading this because of the art. The story's p simplistic, but I think it still works well. Not every story needs to be complicated~ The initial idea is consistent and well established and everything seems to have a reason to happen and doesn't feel contrived. As for future projects, it might be fun to get into more complicated territory; more world building, a less straight forward plot.
I have faith that you'll finish this comic, regardless of how long it takes and I look forward to seeing what you do after~ c:
Oh jeez now I'm crying
Ahhhh~ I love hamsters! Just don't put the poor thing in a petshop cage. They generally don't have enough room and are overly expensive. Look online for the best and cheapest cages (It seems IKEA furniture can be easily modified to be nice cages). Also, look up YouTube videos about taming a hamster and look up if adoption is an option in your area. :3
January 20th, 2016
No way! I just got that song outta my head and there it goes right back in! QuQ

Also, these too are just too adorable!
My high school was the Lions and our colors were blue and gold. We're a suburb of Columbus Ohio so our sports kids had to be good so they could get into Ohio State University and play for them. Same goes for our musical department.
Hah, I thought Beppe looked rather feminine.