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+ I'm 20
+ I live in New Zealand
+ I love comics (no shit =x=)
+ I love creating stories
+ I hate my own drawings
+ I'm lazy + busy
+ I lurk

So yes, I'm hopeless at updating my own comic, but I'm on here everyday reading other peoples...I'm terrible =w=

Eventually I'll re-do AL, I love it to pieces, I just don't have the energy right at the moment.
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    Danielle Lane
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>w< Smeagi likes!
Your colouring is looking amazing, thank you for the treat!
I fullest and fondest wishes are with you and your father. I don't pray, but my thoughts and hopes go out to you.
Danielle <3
Man, I really love the pencil over the pen, I do!
=w= You would make me very happy if you continued forever in pencil!
Oh wow! I really look forward to reading more of this, your illustration style is so lovely!
Can wait for more! <3
Mmmm, what type of work do you feel most comfortable doing =w=?
I'll be happy with whatever.

I've only ever gotten a commission once from one of my fave DAers when I met her at a convention...umm, it was NZ$20 for a full copic coloured...and thats about US$10-12.

So how does $10 sound?
Too low?
Man that conversion rate kills.
How much are you charging?
I love your art, I do.

I just need to weigh it up, the conversation rate to NZ$ is getting painful TTnTT
Oh and include postage to New Zealand if you are able =w=
September 30th, 2008
Your art is always sexy [full stop]
But I do prefer your hand-done work =w=
September 26th, 2008
Well very happy birthday =w=
Hope its a great one <3

Looooooove the page!
September 15th, 2008
Ugly say you.
Nowai say I.
Homg o0o
That is ooooooooooh so nice <3
OOoooooooooo o3o
And that is why you have 50 already luff xD <3
Nice colour combo <3
Hehe, this is going to be so much fun to follow >w<
Hurrah yay!
Look forward to more!
=w= Yay!
**stalks off to see**
Well your welcome to make a GordonxBatman one x3
That sounds fun!
After all, if you're not into it, it will show <3
The first comment (s) on this in over 2 years, which sadly shows how long it's been since I updated.
I started re-drawing it, but I just never feel like I'm doing it justice.
1, 2, 3..Awwwwww! <3
Oh very nice!
I never could work with Photoshop, or Adobe in general for that matter.
I'm a Macromedia girl >w<

A lovely looking page!
Truly made of win.
Nyaaaaaawh =w=
Gorgeous page as always <333