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+ I'm 20
+ I live in New Zealand
+ I love comics (no shit =x=)
+ I love creating stories
+ I hate my own drawings
+ I'm lazy + busy
+ I lurk

So yes, I'm hopeless at updating my own comic, but I'm on here everyday reading other peoples...I'm terrible =w=

Eventually I'll re-do AL, I love it to pieces, I just don't have the energy right at the moment.
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    Danielle Lane
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>w< Smeagi likes!
Your colouring is looking amazing, thank you for the treat!
I fullest and fondest wishes are with you and your father. I don't pray, but my thoughts and hopes go out to you.
Danielle <3
Man, I really love the pencil over the pen, I do!
=w= You would make me very happy if you continued forever in pencil!
Oh wow! I really look forward to reading more of this, your illustration style is so lovely!
Can wait for more! <3
November 19th, 2008
How could you have lost fans o0o
They must be nuts.
November 18th, 2008
I think you give a nice mix of serious and funny. It keeps me on my toes which I like =w=
Thanks for the bombardment of pages >w<
I always get excited when I see updates from you.

Funny timing though.
I'm at the moment watching the first season of Pokemon for the first time in..gosh, almost 10 years o0o
So all the better!
Mmmm, what type of work do you feel most comfortable doing =w=?
I'll be happy with whatever.

I've only ever gotten a commission once from one of my fave DAers when I met her at a convention...umm, it was NZ$20 for a full copic coloured...and thats about US$10-12.

So how does $10 sound?
Too low?
Man that conversion rate kills.
How much are you charging?
I love your art, I do.

I just need to weigh it up, the conversation rate to NZ$ is getting painful TTnTT
Oh and include postage to New Zealand if you are able =w=
September 30th, 2008
Your art is always sexy [full stop]
But I do prefer your hand-done work =w=
September 26th, 2008
Well very happy birthday =w=
Hope its a great one <3

Looooooove the page!
September 15th, 2008
Ugly say you.
Nowai say I.
Homg o0o
That is ooooooooooh so nice <3
OOoooooooooo o3o
And that is why you have 50 already luff xD <3
Nice colour combo <3
Hehe, this is going to be so much fun to follow >w<
Hurrah yay!
Look forward to more!
=w= Yay!
**stalks off to see**
Well your welcome to make a GordonxBatman one x3
That sounds fun!
After all, if you're not into it, it will show <3
The first comment (s) on this in over 2 years, which sadly shows how long it's been since I updated.
I started re-drawing it, but I just never feel like I'm doing it justice.
1, 2, 3..Awwwwww! <3