Blonde hair blue eyes 5ft 1in. I love to read and watch anime. Total yaoi fan lol. I graduated from West Gadsden High school, Greensboro Florida class of 2009. I live in Chattahoochee Fl. And I have a chihuahua named Chico.
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dawwwwwwwwwww KISSS!!!!!!
I love threesomes!!!!!
@Travelingpooch: my thoughts exactly lol
@Guest: lol I was thinking sex toy too
you know he could be with BOTH of them( hint) Just sayin lol
I know how she feels. I'm 26 and its been 10 years since my first and last boyfriend so at this rate I'm probably be single for the rest of my life lol.
@sstogner1: yeah ikr damn boy lol
this page is lmao!!!
@WriterRaven: ikr they are absolutely precious!!!
lmao I like these chicks
lady does not look happy lol
Perhaps the monster's touch will help Mike understand the language.
dog says "its my turn damnit!!!" lol
the monster is kinda cute lol
threesome? hey just sayin lol
@yasha.queen: Bailey is probably dead from blood loss lmao
hi I'm soo sorry you went through something so awful but congrats on your marriage and new house. Its good to see you again. I actually had forgotten about your comic lol sorry. Welcome back!!
Ari is being too damn cute for his own good lol