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Blonde hair blue eyes 5ft 1in. I love to read and watch anime. Total yaoi fan lol. I graduated from West Gadsden High school, Greensboro Florida class of 2009. I live in Chattahoochee Fl. And I have a chihuahua named Chico.
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Oh goodie off with the Glamour!!!!!
Aww he's Soo freaking cute!!!!!!
I love his freaking cup!!
EDWARD!!!!!!!!!! (Dead)
Racist bastard
That sounds legit lol
Omfg the sun!!
Aww Lu is Soo cute lol
I love his necklace
That's hilarious
So vampirism is an STD? That's a new one lol
If he believes Buck's existence Is a sin, what the hell does he call what he's doing? Pot calling the kettle black fucker.
Hey anyone with a knife to cut this tension?
June 11th, 2018
Damn he doesn't even need his blades to go Jinja on thire asses.
@Guest: fist bump maybe lol
H shit
The figure holding the gun looks funny, very bent lol
Uh oh someone is very pissed. And he's the one who hinted it to the other good (sorry I'm terrible with thire names)
Such a lovely view from the fireplace lol I wonder what the logs think of the situation lol