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Blonde hair blue eyes 5ft 1in. I love to read and watch anime. Total yaoi fan lol. I graduated from West Gadsden High school, Greensboro Florida class of 2009. I live in Chattahoochee Fl. And I have a chihuahua named Chico.
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He's pregnant!!.... Just kidding lol
Alain is Soo freaking pretty!
Your too cute to take seariously lol
The Boogyman ate the poor doggy
That's gotta hurt like a bitch. Poor thing.🙁
I see Luca I eyeballing Drew's goody trail!!!!😈
Is that a Sailor Moon poster?!!!?
Is it just me or is the page missing?
@DastardlyLemondrops: it looks either like a snake or a musical note lol
Sev's little hair clip is Soo freaking cute on him!!!!!
Happy St Patrick's day!!!!
@Holy Mother : yes I did, why?
Yeah should have used ur mouth 😈
Nooo the poor horse!!
Lol damn
I love the Chibis and LOVE his wings!!!!!