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Blonde hair blue eyes 5ft 1in. I love to read and watch anime. Total yaoi fan lol. I graduated from West Gadsden High school, Greensboro Florida class of 2009. I live in Chattahoochee Fl. And I have a chihuahua named Chico.
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Getting sympathy pains and imma chick! Lol
The size difference is adorable.
I'm glad he finally came to his senses.
Stupid bitch
He's soo tiny, it's adorable.
Keep seeing his hotdog is making me hungry 😎
October 4th, 2018
No way. Kerin and Axle make a hotter couple anyway.
Well that sucks
Even in death he relives his death.
October 1st, 2018
I love Gus's reaction. "Told Ya!!!!!"
September 30th, 2018
Let the boogie begin!!!
Well we all know how dramatic he enters and exits a room with robes flying everywhere lol
I. Love. His. Freaking. Hair!!!!
Dead guy is kinda cute....just saying.
She's going to deny it.
September 25th, 2018
Demon orgy!!!
September 24th, 2018
Damnit the chibi blobs have my heat!!
Poor soul has PTSD.