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if you never post a second chapter, i'd still be completely satisfied.
oh, man, a fall from that table would probably kill him now.
October 31st, 2011
so, i've been wondering for a while, not sure if you mentioned it before or not: your <first>, <previous>, <next>, <last> arrows look like penises. accident?
i enjoy reading your little extras about background info in racing culture. makes me feel like i'm doing something at least a bit educational^^
i'm sorta confused about that last thing Adrian says. is it the general idiom about karma and how things come back to bite you? or is it saying everything comes back to the kid in the plaid shirt?
ha ha ha
August 20th, 2011
was the witchdoctor supposed to sound nice??!
"what." haha
He's blunt straight off...And on that note, what's with his nose, anyway? Tattooed?

Like the combination of thick strokes and thin lines.
July 26th, 2011
Woohoo! I'll be gone for about a month, so for any fans out there (are there, are there?? say hi!) it might be awhile. And school starts up about a week after I get back, soooo...But don't worry, this is sorta a school project, too, so I am *required* to finish it. Happy reading!