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I am a pokemon, halo, gears of war, and sonic the hedgehog fan. I'm also into RPGs, warfare, sandbox, and racing games. My motto is "what's not blown up, isn't worth my time". So in that case. BLOW STUFF UP :P. lol
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I've read to much manga. Accidently read it the wrong way..... help.
@Cannetella: except for me because i have a jelly jar. but the jelly's moving..... it looks like me..... it's using the computer now... it is hacking everyone's e-mail addresses!!!!!
what can it be?!
It's the troll face!
@ red
Dude!!! my username uses 1998!!! but i was born in 1997. dang.
bet's on!!!
500 Fake dollars says ganondorf wins.
awesome as usual
Dragon ball z cameo. hilarious. think you can do a strip on N's ability to talk to pokemon?
i think bowser tires out
He might collapse from a power drain ganondorf might not have. or would have. but if he does, well idk.
Now i definitely don't want a golett. can the real Blah stand up? (all Blah's stand up) :P
patrat is suicidal
When you see it as an ememy in the game, it holds it's hand to it's head and looks like it's holding a gun. that patrat is so kickable at the moment. love the comic.
I don't like delibird before, i hate him now. the world's first bird terrorist. dropping bombs and healing bombs across the land. decimating everything while slightly healing them to their inevitable doom. :)