Hi! I found a job and comics is my extra curricular! I love playing music, and reading manga... and of course drawing too. I also enjoy playing videos games and watching anime... a good old nerd...
I don't update regularly... but I am drawing all the time :D
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I was so lucky to have Petitecreme as my WASP buddy this year! I got an amazing page swap this year <3
It's so cool to see my characters in a different style, that's why I love WASP - the Webcomic Artist Swap Project
January 25th, 2017
I'm back!
Sorry for the delay! Other projects have been taking up my time, but I'm back now :D
October 21st, 2015
@Mucki: ....that's what happened to me when I got a job....
is this not normal behaviour? XD
October 21st, 2015
@Theorah: coming from you that makes me really happy :D
October 21st, 2015
@The_Hankerchief: Friend you are in the right neighbourhood... they look like little children... but don't be fooled! They're as nasty as redcaps can be :)
September 1st, 2015
Arfan.... break hearts? pft never XD
I'm as confused as Ingrid on this one...
Is it actually a doll or not?
Special WASP edition!
Here's my wonderful comic swap for the WASP project! For more info look here :)
Thanks to Inko and Chie! <3
It's back everyone! :D
But the comic is so cool though! :)
I'm at a con in Halifax this weekend!
I'll be doing a workshop and selling goodies! So be sure to come and visit if you're in Yorkshire this weekend! :)
As above, I have some cons that I'm attending
HAMCON and MANCSTERCON.... It'd be lovely for you to come and visit, if not, just let me know if you're interested :)
Hey guys!
I'm on holiday, so I'll update again soon :)
I can't handle how sad this is... and the fact that this happens in real life too is tragic
I have a new section!
Check them out here! http://folklore.smackjeeves.com/fanstuff/
My Store is Now Open and New Art Section!
Hey everyone!
Hope you're well! I'm very excited to announce that my store is open! It's at http://stsketches.storenvy.com/

I hope you enjoy looking at my bits and pieces... also I'll be creating a 'fan-art/ art trade / comission' section soon, so keep an eye out for it
A very special strip of Folklore which is part of the 'WASP' project, for more info, take a look here: http://www.tempolush.com/wasp/what-is-wasp/
Poor Hemu (hug)