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I like to write. I try to draw. I play the harmonica and the ukulele. I read a lot of webcomics and a few books here and there. I play a little DnD at the local comic shop. I'm trying to learn a few tricks in programing. Understanding it is easy but studying it is boring.
I'm more complex than that - but a bio a few hundred characters is not.
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    Emanon Y. Mous
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fat·tas·tic adj \fat-'tas-tik\
1 a : based on fat: not skinny
b : created or seemingly created out of unrestrained jiggly
c : So filled with fattitude that it challenges physics

2 : marked by epic larditude


--fattasticosity noun
--fattasticon noun
THAT THING....Tha-T TH-ing...THat THing...That I Sent You
Ok. So apparently he's not justh fabulouth. He's FAT-TASTIC!
Dragonthing used Butt Whup.
It's super effective.
Caterpie used superior numbers.
Drangonthing was paralyzed.
My BRAIN!!!!
Wait I have a brain?
Also, Custard...with Bummy in it. I couldn't let the little bugger just fall.
We'll, this would explain the dain bramage, but it doesn't exactly say much about his intelligence to stat with.
I see what you did there.
Mighty F-hehahahahahaah.
Damn you you funny mother fuckers.
I j-hehehe. Mighty fu-hehehe. I ca-can't say it with a straight face. And now I've got this image of Mighty Morphin' Fuckweasles in my head with the original Power Rangers theme, and it's all your fault! HAAHAhahahahaehehehehe....damn it. *sigh*
Thank you so much dude.
If I ever have an art wall in my house I'm going to make a print of this and put it on that wall.
The Boy Wonder that knew too much.
Anti-gravity bummy in Panel three! I just realized. A bummy plushy might my be awesome-or maybe not...hmmm...
This is the watcher using my common pseudonym.

As to that Avatar I would love one. Hows this-
The Iron Giant playing a scaled up ukulele.
Relaxing on a beach against a volcano. I just hope that's not too much.