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awwwwww! love everything!
i fucking love this
10 is one of my very top top fav webcomics i love this so much <3

would you be willing to sell it as a published book? id certainly buy.
omg does your book say pun pun?
is it the manga pun pun?
is it weird that i want to link to the video... it sounds so interesting.

and im pretty sure your sister is a fangirl and likes to pretend your gay, its like a real life yaoi? so when she said that shes implying that straight sex would be gross for you because you are gay and want to see some ass XD
i would LOVE to watch you in livestream
unnnfff his legs <3
sell a printed version of this?
fuck you! making us wait!
your art got sooo good these last few pages!
kaito is still an ass for letting oasis kiss him like that then yell at shuno. i hope shuno doesnt give in to kaito so easily, kaito needs some tough love for once everything isnt shuno's fault.
oh my fucking god this page. im in a pool of emotion.
what if the oasis being one of the criminals is still true and shuno knows this and put katio in the tub because he expects a gun fight :O
omg if you are right.....
HAHAHAHAHA the last two panels XD
holly shit if you are right......
February 18th, 2012
lol i just realized that katio has itachi hair XD

also i hope they have sex after the party bad things will happen if oasis is ditched again, i can feel it O^O
oh nos
how can shuno be the old him and change for the better at the same time D: shuno killed a chick when he was the old him.
this is going to be bad...
also you made oasis kinda hot in this page lol maybe its because there is no hat?
fml i want moreeeeeeeeeee