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I agree with Tenshimoyo21, lol
But I got a little Jiraiya-vibe off him too lol >w<
MY Eyes! indeed.
Where has my sexy-uke-looking Dei-chan gone?
Aww he's so cute >w<

Anyway, Anime Expo sounds like fun. I just got back from A-kon th first wekend on June. An Cafe was there I was so happy! Anyway you mentioned not having an artist's table this year, does that mean you've had one before?
lol, I sound noisy. I ask because I'm looking to get a table next year at A-kon....
Kaori is adoreable. >w<
but I don't see Ryu up there... ;.;
omg, it's Aktsuki! lol

yay for updates
lol He's got a Dora Map!
lol no idea who I'm supposed to see....but I do see someone lurking behind the curtain in the back...could it be....a fanboy ready to pounce?! lol
sexy. ^.^
Your really talented with animals, I'm envious.
I agree with Issa, such lovly hair.
I think I really would kill someone for Jouet's hair
I like your style alot.
It reminds me of the gothy American comics like Sin City and Batman and stuff. (lol, I hope that's a comment to you. I've had people get mad at me for saing things like that) anyway, keep it up ! ^.^

(and your poster is beautiful )

yay, you updated again. We missed you!

Randomly: I made you another fan's still not any good but I tried!

My (ugly) Taki:
aww...poor emo Taki lol >w< he's such a hotti.

EDIT: oh, by the way, I've made you fan art-ish. lol I'm not sure how to get it to you, but it's on my DA.

YOSH! I knew this was comming >w< -fangirl squeel- pure love!
Bo is cute, as ever. ^^
But I have to comment on your house and kitchen. It's beautiful-I'm so envious >.< I really can't sraw those things.
Pregnant? ..Something tells me this is going to be sad TT.TT

Taki! Kiss Travis and make him happy!
This is the cutest thing ever >.<
I love Taki. A lot.

I've been reading your comic for while, though this is the first time commenting....come to think bout it...this is my first time commenting on the site ^^;

anyway, great work. Keep it up ^.^