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Mikkal is so beautiful even with his hair up. I think he would even be breathtaking in a bike helmet, and NO ONE looks good in those.
This pleases me greatly, mmm yes...
She's not ugly! I think she's a cutie :3
Aviator fohawk guy is my new favorite, hands down.
Loving the big pretty eyes, you have so much artistic talent!
Oh my this is pretty! How did I not discover this sooner?
Hey, it's your comic so you have the right to change your style. And for what it's worth I really like it :D
April 18th, 2012
This is just getting started and I'm already impressed with the artwork. Keep it up!
March 28th, 2012
The Censored thing made me lol!
I'm really enjoying this story! You did a good job of balancing smut with accurate depictions of what the BDSM community is like. I'm glad this wasn't just a "hurr let's tie this dude up with rope and hit him a bunch of times for the lulz" type of comic.
Is that 2D in the background? Gorillaz are <3