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Daniel's glasses disappeared. or i didnt notice him take them off?
cute that she is bringing him with her. but ouch, friend zoned
Don't mess with a jealous woman
oooooooo jealous much? but still cute *3*
oh my god... this is adorable and so frickin beautiful!!!
not uncle. more like brother in law
explains why he adores castalia so much. because she is like a kitten!
he is soo cute!! XD and they look so muck alike o.O
Tragic. Ilona is going to be so sad, but i guess she'll have Damian to comfort her
dat ass. LOL JK XD!!!
Pearl's bow is just like Kes's
how much you wanna bet he has the picture saved to his computer and its like his desktop background
oh! make a grab for the phone while you can!!
awwwww >u< cat is so sute!
ooooooo naughty picture? >u<
someone had some drunk fun last night. >3<
Wait does he mean "I can't leave with you" or does he mean "I can't leave without you"?
amazing page. but i noticed that in the last panel you spelled supposed like 'suppost'