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i used to be furyblaze, but.. he died
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Getting back into comics
This is me re traning my skills. I could use some feedback:
i can already tell that didnt do shit x)
lol oh mb
@typholeon90: theres an new you now? -.-
Been gone for a while, but back with an update lol
is this dead
update bro, this is good
is this dead?
the perfect line for the fire elements guy would be," Ha! HOW DO YOU FEEL?"
i was wondering where he was!
well well well. Look who finally responded to all my email requests. *shot*
September 18th, 2011
a few more fans and ill update
September 4th, 2011
something tells me that cancer is going to be the only thing that kills him
you can neva have too much blue XD
I am trying out some new things... let me know what you guys think.. that means feedback!!

Edit: Rawr!