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uhh....i make the comics...the comics are the good...i make the flashes as well.... they are also the good...i suppose i also make the sprites.....thems is probably the best....why i am talking like idiot right now? not entirely sure myself!
I love all the credit I get for writing the jokes...

people...not poeple...

other than that, very nice
no...I just don't like talking that much...
Oh the things we talk about
This was based off an MSN conversation that actually happened between me and pimp, pimp then decided to make a comic out of it...

Real comics should return soon, till then enjoy
and a big round of applause to Pimpman...finnally
HAHA! I have mod powers here too! for the win...
tsk tsk
don't ask here, send an e-mail and show me what you can do and I'll think about it
He does, but only in certain endings, I am working off the star fox adventures storyline, and I will not be including command because it has multiple endings
Working with you may cause potential anger to my girlfriend, so I must decline
Not entirely...this isn't porn, its gymnastics, and thats fine!
Oddly enough, this comic about them looking at fox's girlfriend happens to be updated on my girlfriend and I's 6 month mark...funnier still that my girlfriend will never see this comic, and doesn't even know of its existence...

Silly rabbit! Bipolar disordered fox cop girls are for kids....oh're not

Anyhow, I've actually had this one for...a LONG time...but totally forgot i had it

Pimp_named_slickback has sadly dropped off the face of the intarblag as i cannot locate him, so i have gone and arranged a new spriter...he starts on monday, so if you notice a style change, yes it was intentional
next one
well, pimpman has dissapeared off the face of the intarblag, so i have gone on a mystical spiritual journey looking for a new spriter...I have found such a spriter, and the new one will be up soon
what? I wanted it to be readable by some people!
February 21st, 2007
YAY i have disturbed people! I feel acomplished now...

and the checkered ship...yea there is a reason for that but i'm to lazy to explain, but i will tell you that it's going to be fixed...thanks though!
*awkward silence*
Is it just me, or has anyone else ever noticed when someone says "what should we talk about" everyone in the group suddenly loses any idea of anything they want to talk about...
sorry guys...all 2 of you, for ONCE AGAIN being our defence it was finals week at school, so...yea, we had stuff to do, monday comic will hopefully be on time
once again my apolodgies for being late, pimp had some comp trouble...but here it is, i know this early in the comic we shouldn't have these problems but stick with us...please?
Yes and no, The author of bomb (not bang) put the Fuck hut sprites open to the public, on top of which he stopped making bomb awhile ago, i did attempt to contact him though, although i could not (psyguy didn't have his contact stuff anymore) and by the way, if the author of bomb happens to be reading this,I did try to contact you

and i am using the joke in a different way anyhow,and i made my own sprites for it just in case