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Heya! My name is Steph. I like to rp comic with my online friends and help make crazy stories. <3


My rp Comics/Characters:

La Cirque d'Obscure -Cassio Peia
Her full Bio:

Mercy's Psychiatric Hospital - Nurse Odessa Kerner
Her full Bio:


Feel free to send me a pm if you need to contact me or anything.
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I'm going to say go ahead and go person after me! I haven't even been able to start the last page, so I will just slip it in after I'm done. I don't want to hold up the posting.

PS: Cassio is not available for interactions though. Not until after I post the last (3rd) page.
Oh lordy! Looks great Zoing!Is this the comic with Lev and Cassio?
Ok... I wont be posting my comic. Sorry guys, I should have just figured out that sooner.

I pass for this round.
@electricfever: Just a heads up, I will be a little late with mine. I got sick :< so I will get mine done by the end of the week. (If that's ok)
Alrighty, here I go!
Who is next? (just making sure)
It should be Zoingishly. Kanadrallegria went last.

How To Wrestle A Lion:
Epic Chibi
Kanadra's turn is next!

Oh, the envelope! Don't open it till Cassio says! It's a surprise! <3
Hey guys! I'm so sorry about how much time I'm taking. I have one more page to put up, so it will be later today after work.

(Sorry for any grammar errors or weirdness.)
Aw! I kind of feel bad for him. Also, my page will be out by the end of today just doing bgs and words now. (sorry about the wait...)
Need an extension
Could I get two more days to finish my page? I have to wake up early for work and won't be able to finish today.
Eeeeeeeeei! Alrighty it's time for me to pitch in! I've already started the comic, I'm just letting you guys know, that I know.... you know.
Glad this one is moving along again! Looking good guys!
@AshFisher: "Peek-A-Boo" is a game played primarily with babies. In the game, one player hides his or her face, pops back into the view of the other, and says Peekaboo!, sometimes followed by I see you!.

It's just Cassio being herself lol....
Gah! Sorry for taking so long guys. (I was trying to figure out illustrator.)

AND SORRY for not a lot to rp off of AshFisher. You can introduce Jesse to Cassio if you need ideas...

Cassio does want to see that gross eye though lol... x__o
The "How to wrestle a lion" plot hasn't been updated since the 19th.

It should be Epic's turn. Was there an extension or a skip?
I really like Rhys' feather sleeves. Are they tattoos or part of his clothes when he is human?