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Ship Tease
What? Who said that? I'm totally not shipping OCs with my main character...

(At least he's not a self-insert. Or at least, not anymore.)

Do you not love how I must point everything out for you with arrows?
When it comes to drawing, the things I hate drawing most are hands and hair. Yet oddly enough, the only way you can tell most of these characters apart in the names is by hairstyle and color. Then again, I drew the entire thing using MS Paint and stick figures.
Level Gaps
Sometimes, they're just too big.
Oh, Aldrich
You wound me so.

I think I mentioned this on the page this was a preview of, but I somehow subconsciously matched all the panels in this page to the corresponding page in One Piece. Wanna check it out? The original page is here: 02
Whoa. We posted.
Hey, folks! Sorry it took so long, but we're back, and just in time to finish the chapter. It's nice to see so many fans of the series already. You guys make me wanna cry with joy. T-T

Since we're between chapters, we need some filler, so while I finish writing Chapters 2 and 3 for y'all, we'll be posting some of my not-so-great names that were sent to Aldrich. Partly to keep you all interested and partly to show why I don't draw the series. Thank you so much for your comments, and I hope you'll enjoy future chapters!
@sonicballzx: and if you've read One Piece, you know that many more are certain to come.
Glorious violence...
Yes, I know, Goldeen aren't really that big, but to make the Seaking joke work while still getting our awesome next page in, we had to make it huge.

And besides, we have poetic license.
Because we totally didn't spoil what she looks like on the Volume #1 Cover. Or the Title Page. No-siree.
I'm actually not sure which is worse, having your arm eaten off by a sea king or having it cut off by a clumsy pirate. I'd assume the former, seeing as how at least the alcohol is dulling Shiv's pain.
Technology in anime tends to be somewhat unclear. Do lightbulbs even exist in the One Piece world? I suppose we had a big screen TV on the last page, so this isn't much of a step from there.

At least we aren't as confusing as "Naruto".
Of Pirates and Ninjas
I can see why people think Ninjas can beat Pirates. They're fast, they're stealthy, and they're highly disciplined fighters.

But Pirates have guns. [/inb4 argument starts]
Gunning For an Answer
Seriously, does anyone get the joke in the last panel? Anyone? Fifty internet points and a cookie to whoever can tell me what it's referencing.
Aldrich, you're my hero.

Interesting fact: I originally intended this page to be a 2-page spread. I'll have to draw how I originally planned it if we need a filler page someday.
We here at "Last Piece: A Piratey Parody" do not condone child violence or domestic abuse.

That being said, giving your kid a spanking and sending him to his room does not a crime make. "He who spares the rod..."

Teddy has a good arm. He should go play Quarterback or something.
These Puns are more than you can bear.
We've bear-ly started and a character has already died off-screen? That's a "little grizzly"! You might even say it's un"bear"able!

And "paws"...and play.

I should be em"bear"ased to write this.
Teddy The Bear
Anyone remember the guy this character is based off of? The original bandit was "Higuma the Bear", and he was a big, threatening, intimidating man who killed women and children as well as men. This is a comedy though, and he's kind of a weak villain, so he looks much better in a bear suit.

The Persona 4 fans in the audience will read my comment on the next page in Teddie's voice.
Gummy Powers
Today's fun fact: This page was the first strip drawn that I didn't write a "Name" for. All the previous pages had them, but we realized that between my poor artistic ability and abysmal drawing speed, it was better if I just wrote the story rather than mapping out the panels and drawing poses. The dialogue is my handiwork though.

From here on out, Aldrich is the one who drew the names, and I think he's done a great job with it.

Oh, also, I've decided to start posting these comments using my author-specific account. That way you'll know that it's me and not both of us.
First Rule of D&D

Seriously, this kinda stuff is what happens when you split up.