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You can find me from deviantART ( and my website (only Finnish,
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@Renataz: Sori kauhee viivästys jatkon kanssa, ollu vähä alamäkeä ni venähti ja saattaa venyä nytkin, mutta yritän nyt saada nopeammin valmiiksi seuraavan sivun! ;w;

Hehe, Nuttu kerää aika tavalla ihailijoita xD

Riippuu myös pelistä millaisen vastustajan Nuzlockaajat muokkaavat omaa sarjistaan/tarinaansa varten! Gary ja Silverhän ovat juuri tuollaisia pahistyyppejä, kun taas R/S/E:n May/Brendan ovat enemmänkin juuri sellaisessa hyväntahtoisessa kaveriottelusuhteessa pelaajan kanssa C:
Mutta toisaalta kyllähän niistäkin saa muokattua melkosia bitchy pahiksia! :'D itse menen kuitenkin suurimmaksi osaksi pelin linjalla ja pidän Brendaninkin enemmän kaveruksena kuin aggressiivisena rivalina >u< (pft, huomaa kyllä että saan paljon pidempiä vastauksia aikaan omalla äidinkielellä x'D)
@TheProjectCore: ;v;
@bennyboy: Thank you! And sorry I disappeared like that ;w;
;v; sorry guys, I'm trying my best! The next page is halfway done!
@elmocrazy: I'm so sorry for not being online here, but don't worry, I'm continueing this comic! C:
It's just that I'm having my hands full of school stuff and there is a bunch of personal issues added. Slowly but surely I'm finally getting over them and now even my computer works fine, so I can draw smoothly!

Oh and to everyone: OH MY GOD I HAVE OVER HUNDRED WATCHERS HERE! I have no idea how is this possible, I've been like dead for three months and the amount of followers INCREASED!

Thank you thank tou thank you so much ;v; let me love you guys afgsfgasfas

(btw, if you want to contact me, you can find me also from dA and Tumblr! In both places I go with Shakyo, please feel free to send a comment, note or ask me something or anything you want!)
I don't think that N is crazy in this comic, he seems mysterious and in this episode when he drags Pi with him I though that he's like a little kid who wants to play with Pi :3

That last panel PEA YOU LOOK SO CUTE!! <33
I loved Pi's face in that panel where she didn't have her hat, she looks really pretty and oh Cheren... asdfghjkl ;;u;;
Now to the part 2 ~>
@Renataz: Bah, I think I'll continue now in Finnish~
Tottakai muistan, oltiinha nyt suht paljon tekemisissä silloin pokehoitolan aikaan! >u<
Ei niitä oikein löydä mistään, paitsi jos jossain nettikaupassa olisi? 83 minulla on Mudkip-pehmo ja senkin ostin laivalta joskus vuonna papu :'D
K-Kiitos, kai sitä on ehkä vähän kehitytty... adsafdsgasfgdas
Of course I remember you! OuO ahaha, I had to check did I really write Britney and not Briney xD
Whole Mudkip evolution family is so cute! >u< asdfghjkl!
@ambiguous: SO SAD INDEED (oh and thank you for faving my nuzlocke, I'm watching yours already <3)
Abras are so cool but capturing them is all about luck in Nuzlockes. So many lucky bastards... :'D
@CreatorZone: Noup, only paralyzing glares when she feels like it!

@Pokemontrainergigi: Yeah, I was so upset when that Abra teleported away and RIGHT AFTER that little Skitty appeared ;;__;;
Next time cleaner speech bubbles, PROMISE!
Redjack: Hehe, poor her that her gym is first in line x'3 and the quality is even better now!

Pokemontrainergigi: Oh! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! No more bad jpg. quality!
Yeah, though Nosepass can be hard :'3
BigJ 8/29: Good to know! :3
Sorry for the crappiest quality ever! Does anyone know where I could upload my pages without that their quality suffers? Photobucket is out of question because my pages are too big, it reduces it too much... but of course you can go to my deviantART and read it there with a good quality -->
You had to wait so long for this page, I'm sorry! But now I'm home, it was very fun in Denmark, but I love to be at home <3

I think Pea is a perfect name for him! Heh, Pi is so mean~
Even though I don't have this rule about not catching duplicates, I prefer keeping only one Pokémon of that kind in team. Maybe next time I catch a duplicate, but we will see then.
Again, thank you for reading this little comic!

Sorry this took so long, I haven't been feeling well lately. But, in previous page I used two shades of gray and in this page is three shades and speech bubbles' lines are thicker.

I kind of tested things in this page, so what do you think? Tell me your opinions!

This page took about a week, so I'm not sure can I complete next page because I'm going to Denmark next week and there I'm one week. Oh, weeks, weeks...
Wow! THANKS!! ;;u;;
I really didn't expect this much lovely comments! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Btw sorry for that I don't answer to every answer one by one, I would like to but I think it would be too much spamming... ^^')

Your comments really help me and they give me more selfconfidence. I will continue trying by best with this!
Thank you for praises! I have sketched second page, but it still needs a lot fixing... but I try to get it done as fast as possible!