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Lol ^ xD
So beautiful
Wow, pretty
Wahhhh!!! I fail in drawing male figures D:
lol, I totally love this piece
Omg I love this comic! And I really mean it! Seriously, I would prove that I love this comic so much<333333 Every day I like.. check if this comic has an update D: After lunch, breakfast, sleep, dinner and school D:
I can't see the image. Its broken from my screen.
So they took the fake boobs from him? lol
I can't see the image.
OMG!!! you hit the great grey!!!!! o_o
Delryyy, I so envy you! D:
lol... this is so weird.... my name is Gaia and my sister's name is Selene... my other sister's name is Kaena and my brother's name is Uriel e.e
i love chu hades!!!!!!!!!
i luv this comic
What is your fave tool in Manga Studio? o:
@delryyy: Haha, lol, he just turned 20 XD