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Aaaww, so cute a blushy Sai, a worried Kuragi, and Papa Bear Gen!
Gorgeous work, Crimson! The colors look so lush...I'm with Quad on this one, I just want to touch him ;)
*sits down on the floor with a bowl of popcorn*
Ooooo, this is gonna be good!
Yay, I'm back!
*runs in and glomps everyone happily*
I missed ya'll!
I'm so sorry to hear that. You go do whatcha ya gotta do ok. Don't worry bout us.
Lighting a candle for your friend, hope she gets better soon!
Happy Birthday, Crimson! You are awesome! Have fun and enjoy your day off!
Love the pic too! :)
This is so cute and I love the effects with the music notes :)
Lol, the chibi Cinderella is very cute, too
Eeek an update! Catch it before it gets away!
Lol, looks like Darryn's been BUSTED! What's he gonna say?
OH damn, not the super sexy pointed feet, Angel!! ><; Lol, definitely a Kaito fetish!
Omg, that's so cute! I love the panel where Kai and the fish are looking at each other. Judging by the little heart over Tama's head, it already knows it's one lucky goldfish! :)
I hope someone took a pic of that sweet moment and is willing to share, lol.
Sai is so cute with all of his denial, lol.
Kuragi needs to watch his back though!
Oh WOW, I lovelovelove the dialogue on this page!
Sweet, sexy and romantic! :D
Ouch, that looks really painful ><;
Is his evie(?) trying to take him to his lost friend? Can't wait to read more!
Lol, omg I love him in glasses too!
OMG, they're so cute together! I LOVE this comic!
I hope Bram thinks Cal did as well as we think he did.
Hmm, I think she got some kind of answer to her confused question, lol.
April 19th, 2014
That sounds like it be a beautiful bedroom, especially the skylight.
April 19th, 2014
Lol, omg an Evil Dead reference! (Hopefully the Bruce Campbell version)
Aww, well I hope you get what need from the Hiatus, Crimson. Don't worry about us, we will be here waiting for you.

Btw, I'm a fan of men in uniform so Admiral Frederich Gustaf III it is! ;)