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I like manga, gaming, dragons.
my hobby is drawing,
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay update. :'D

Now, now.. if only a few more soon.. teeheeehee. -shot-
OOh, funfun! :D
I can't wait for more. o
Pick you say...?

Nice page and stuff. :D
Sooo pretty~~ i love Brendan, ahah. :D
Fuuu. i can see my name on that list. I WAS CLOSE. at least i can see my name, i feel special. ;u; lol.

Can i have your pikachu?

Thad, and Trix

So are you guys hiding from your boss now?
Hard choice my butt. Dragons are cooler. forget you, Paarthurnox is cooler.
Ohhhmygoodness. sooo cutte
Oh i hate theem.. that happened to me, too. :I
Oh man.
He doesn't like his face. OH MAN.
Oh, of course George. We shoudl've died and let the forest and bugs live. But oh wait. the bugs were rampaging.

C'mon lass. That was a life-or death thing.

also random guest. of course atty looked smug. he got the bugs to NOT kill them all.
Aw. Momo's so sweet. :3
Good lord. only one more day after this. the suspense makes me wanna flail. and.
@Sikina: I so hope they will. because i had so many dissapoints in oblivion.
@Sikina: Silly.
the same think that lurks in unfrozen lakes. 8D
Only ten more days, ohlordy i'm excited.
@Deonis: In skyrim? if so link me bro. o.o
Lool. i would so go invisible and watch this fight. o.o
Oh, not to be rude, i noticed an error!
Kabocha says "Ghouls don't others unless they get something in return" Shouldn't there be a 'help' there? :O