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I like manga, gaming, dragons.
my hobby is drawing,
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay update. :'D

Now, now.. if only a few more soon.. teeheeehee. -shot-
OOh, funfun! :D
I can't wait for more. o
Pick you say...?

Nice page and stuff. :D
Sooo pretty~~ i love Brendan, ahah. :D

Can i have your pikachu?

Thad, and Trix

So are you guys hiding from your boss now?
Hard choice my butt. Dragons are cooler. forget you, Paarthurnox is cooler.
Oh i hate theem.. that happened to me, too. :I
Oh, of course George. We shoudl've died and let the forest and bugs live. But oh wait. the bugs were rampaging.

C'mon lass. That was a life-or death thing.

also random guest. of course atty looked smug. he got the bugs to NOT kill them all.
Aw. Momo's so sweet. :3
Good lord. only one more day after this. the suspense makes me wanna flail. and.
@Sikina: I so hope they will. because i had so many dissapoints in oblivion.
@Sikina: Silly.
the same think that lurks in unfrozen lakes. 8D
Only ten more days, ohlordy i'm excited.
@Deonis: In skyrim? if so link me bro. o.o
Lool. i would so go invisible and watch this fight. o.o
Oh, not to be rude, i noticed an error!
Kabocha says "Ghouls don't others unless they get something in return" Shouldn't there be a 'help' there? :O
@Sikina: Buuuuuuut. it looks freakign epic. eue
@Deonis: Exactly. and anything else that would ride the horse? also wearing armor. or carrying a ton of junk. ( i did that in oblivion lool
@Sikina: Of course they look big and buff. they have to outrun dragons. And carry nords, looool.