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"She was as evil as I thought. You saw how she gaslit Yessi, and stole Ria's letter."

"Neither of those things are really that evil...or evil at all..."

hahahaha SWSU I love you
My SFC15 rankings, if anyone is still looking here:
@ChronoAlone: Ivan chose to align with Amelia though
@Vilecheese: SWSU says Jojo/Liz are black lol
So...have you guys seen the Survivor Season 31 poll? What do you guys think?
Also can we award Amelia the luckiest contestant ever? Like come on lol, God must have bet on her or something because everything works out for her despite her doing everything wrong
lol spinfur sucks. I get that he's handicapped by his size and no hands, but he doesn't even have any allies to make up for it. come on kitty :P. why even sign up for survivor?
@anime9001: Liz betrayed Desmond last vote, and he knows that.
@Vilecheese: But your criticism isn't really constructive at all. that's the problem. you just talk about how terrible every character is and how the endgames are awful and that was a terrible result, etc. How is that in any way constructive/going to improve the comic?
@Vilecheese: dude i'm sorry but you're so fucking negative about SFC, and that's coming from me. all you've been doing is complaining. it feels like you're not satisfied with anything.
I don't get why Ivan is getting hate by the fans while fucking Desmond is on the season and a million times more smug and insufferable. Ivan is fairly inoffensive in comparsion
@Vilecheese: Or...Jojo could just have been using hyperbole and all these theories could be wrong
@Slicer37: idk why this doubleposted lol
@Pielover19: k, could you make an account somehow? So I can PM you the details?
@That Guy: I have info on the cast and the format, yes.

No actual spoilers or anything like that-season hasn't even been filmed yet. I can tell you if you're curious
yo, does anyone here watch real survivor? I have some sorta-insider info on the next season (Season 31) if anyone's curious

SWSU'S characters: John, Diego, Liz, Yukie, Jojo, Mikah, Prussia, Jake, Buddy

Fans: Desmond, Ivan, Thorne, Amelia, Mac, Stagg, Spinfur, Tyra, Adeline
@CKD: no but i could list them for you right now :P.

SFC1-SFC3 were all SWSU's characters.

4, 5, 7, 8 are all fan characters

canons are...well canons.


SWSU'S: Cherman/Bonnie/Brenton/Jocasta/Madison//Donovan/Frank/Summer/Mercy/Zachary


listed 11-13 above.

that should be all of them ^_^

SWSU's characters (he can correct me if i'm wrong)

SFC11: Eli, Sunflower, Juiced, Tialayla, Dwayne, Sexygirl, Bradlyn, Moe'Mi, Rosemary.

SFC12: Eric/Uri lol.

SFC13: Tapioca, Damon, Sasha, Alleio, Roth, Stanson, DOT, Ludovica.