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For this I love you. A lot. Really.
Understandable Malik for one day = priceless?
Oh man, Melanie being the deciding vote. And Heinz slightly in a pickle. Then again, if he is voted out, the big secret won't matter too much.

IF he ever gets voted out <.<
This could turn interesting. Definitely isn't over till the fat lady sings... or till Matt stops hogging the screen time <.<

Also Malik needs a break, the bar burning thing is gonna turn into Mo V2 at this rate.
Oh this could still get interesting. Melanie is no Johnny so Matt could easily get blindsided again but then again, Matt could flip the table on Melanie. only time and SWSU can tell~
And that's how being a tool doesn't save you from getting voted off. Johnny had his good moments but sadly it was needed to take down the fortress.

If they actually still plan on taking out Matt that is.
Aw, Johnny feels honored to be Matt's tool. But for how long though XD
Johnny got spy checked and they didn't even mean to do so XD
well, think of it as a giant sandbox and voila, exile is happy place~
Mo is in MOngoose.

Malik is a mongoose.

Add the comic of today...

Malik = Mo now D=
Using sex as a threat... interesting strategy <.<

Though I really wish she would stop reminding everyone that she's a succubus, I think they got the point already.
I'm enjoying Matt's reactions way more than I should. But I don't care, it's amusing :3
Bunny hopped out in the open, bunny got shot. Bye bunny~

And that look on Matt's face is priceless~
Clearly he went ahead in time and got one in Unova where a lot of wild evolved crap like Crobat and Tangrowth exist.

Or magic.
Alice- 4 (mainly cuz her bugging Malik was amusing for a bit)
Emilee- 3 (follow along girls don't get much points)
Freddie- 3 (totally)
Geena- 6 (hoping for some development there)
Heinz- 8 (Why so gone ;-;)
Iraenus- 8 (had a quiet moment but seems to be back in action)
Jackie- 7 (Shame he left before merge)
Johnny- 9 (He went from annoying to amusing imo)
Kiara- 6 (seems rather meh pre-merge, hopefully something happens now?)
Malik- 7 (I pity the fool)
Matt- 2 (Just ugh)
Melanie- 5 (reminding people she's a succubus and following Oehda. Yup, not much to it)
Oehda- 5 (Tough girl act needs to crumble cuz she's just become repetitive)
Penny- 5 (if only for the amusing fails)
Shaniqua- 1 ('nuff said)
Xero- 7 (He needs to learn how to do something not so... obvious)
I think Gatemaster has a good competition on weirdest cast member ever. Good lord Johnny, I went from wanting you out cuz of being weird to wanting you to win cuz of it.
Hmm, who will leave the fantastic four...

Jackie has very good shots considering scarfing down rice and missing like that (Though Malik on the other hand did surprise me there).

Kiara is background and expendable but she's the swingvote imo. Either she'll vote on Jackie or a tie with someone. Or she gets blindsided.

Melanie... could get blindsided but no real danger unless she gets tied with someone.

Oehda could get blamed for her missed shot but then again, she did get Matt the jerk of jerktown to miss as well.

I'd bet my money on Jackie. You never know for sure till the votes are down but he has the odds against him.
How much more nice Johnny will it take before Malik flips? That's what I wanna know~
You guys are really on top of your game huh?

Well hope Hardman won't be too hard for ya XD
The more I see of Johnny, the more I wonder whatever goes on in his head.

Wasn't he a doctor btw?