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Ewww ewww, you go ahead Owen.
Woah, Owen looks really uncomfortable and maybe even afraid. Like everyone else I say he was an awful adult to Owen and Anwen.
@Falconer: but a taser is not? ?!?! I don't understand xd
fuu--- it's sinking in. nooo, Anwen T_T
omg, I came to this page cause I don't bookmark and wow. Oh god's did he explode her head?? nuuuh.

Edit: also, I can't believe power stuff is happening, shit is starting to really happen!!!
woaah I'm excited. I dunno what to expect *claps hands*
Loving the art btw.
Trauma for both him and his best friend.
Zelda and Splatoon 2, that's enough for me xD definetely getting the Swithch at some point.
Just saw the cover!! So Avery is got the familiar Dark stuff, Richey the Light stuff and Alan the uh Squiggle stuff?

Happy new year! And damn, Avery you're not beginning it that well. Poor puppy.
@JesBelle: pretty much. You always know how to best summarize a page xD
I don't think Owen's that good at going for what he really wants. Superficial stuff, sure, but stuff he's more invested in, not so much. At least that's the feeling I get from him.
To be fair about it, I think there were, maybe, also, 6th graders??? xDD

Whatever just know you're with loads of graduating adults (*resists the urge to put it between " "* ahaha...) too *high five*
@Falconer: yeah, I heard of that, so I tried both, I haven't got past much in Lost Valley cause meh.

But yeah, no time is a big reason too lol
Harvest moon!!! I have a thing for Harvest moons... *looks at like 7 harvest moon she has* unfinished... ahahaha I like the story of seasons branch better in the present, seems more harvest moony to me.

But yeah, Europe still doesn't have this one ;_:
Important info, Jack's good at Candy Crush!!! xd
Your imagination needs work Sooch.