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"A long, long time ago,
you didn't need a body.
You played amongst the
stars, happy and free; long
before bodies were ever
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@Artemisia: this made me so happy, you don't even know! i made this comic all for myself, not really expecting anyone to read it, so it's such a nice feeling hearing you like it. i didn't have any plans to end the hiatus since i have so many other projects going on, but i may try to work on this again soon. thank you!! ;u;
January 26th, 2017
@Itoshii: lmaoooo
January 26th, 2017
Aiai's updated profile!
January 25th, 2017
Aiai: told you! :D
An update after like 4 years??? yup
hey everyone i am sooooo sorry for my sudden hiatus! i got super distracted with other projects going on but i do hope to someday come back to this comic and continue it! i'm not sure exactly when that will be but it's gonna be a goal. i know the direction i plan on taking the plot, i just don't have any motivation for it right now with the other things i have going. i hope you guys will be patient with me until then! thanks so much for still following my comic even after such a long time of no updates!

anyway here is an old drawing of varian and mared. in case anyone is new to reading this, i just want to clarify that this comic is going to be about the eventual polyamorous relationship between varian, mared, and auberon. jic thats not your cup of tea
Name: Saori Pepper (what nationality even..???)

Age: 25

Height: 5'2"

Gender: Male / Non-binary

Sexuality: Homosexual

Species: White lovebird.... person

Job Position: Prostitute

Personality: Very compassionate. Cares a lot about people, especially his friends. Usually tries to stay positive in any negative situation but tends to get lonely easily so he stays around people & friends as much as possible. He's just one of those honest people who would probably still go to heaven even if he killed someone.

Background: Grew up in a lower-middle class home as a single child and went to school with Mao, who he was close friends with until Mao moved away. Now lives in an apartment and works as an escort at Black Lites. He actually really enjoys it because he's with all his friends and people who look out for him.

+ loves big oversized sweaters and wears them whenever he isn't working. HE LOVES THEM
+ he and salt preen each other's feathers sometimes uwu
+ has a friendship bracelet from Mao that he wears always
Name: Storm

Age: 24

Height: 6'

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Polygamous Pansexual

Species: Changeling
(A changeling is a faerie that has been left in the place of a human baby. In other words, faeries stole a human couple's baby and left Storm in its place, who looked identical to the stolen child at the time, and the parents had no idea)

Job Position: Bar regular

Personality: Very chill and calm but with a mile-wide mischievous streak. He's charming and gets along with others pretty easily, however he craves chaos and frequents the bar and fight club for it. He loves to play tricks on Kurt and some minor silly pranks on everyone else.

Background: As a changeling he looked 100% human at first to trick his human parents, but started turning GREY AND BLUE AND STARRY around age 5 and the gig was up. His human parents still loved him too much to get rid of him tho, so they kept him and raised him as a human. He acts a lot more human than any of his fae counterparts because of this, but he still loves causing senseless chaos and stirring up trouble now and then. He knows how to use magic but he's not super powerful with it since he never really learned how to use it properly. Beware failed spells.

+ the stars on his skin shift and glimmer like actual galaxies. ITS RLLY NEAT OK
+ really loves little jewels and gems and has a little collection of them in his apt
+ allergic to iron - it burns him to the touch and if ingested can kill him
@Ikiae: They're supposed to be mostly horizontal actually - Mared is tilting that chair back against the desk like a bed... I'm just really terrible with perspective I'm not used to. It looked right in my head, but never really translates the same when drawn unfortunately. (I'll keep practicing!) And thank you, it makes me feel better seeing most of the feedback very positive about the poly pairing! :D
@Mint n' Chip Ice-Dreams: oh wow that's a huge relief! haha x3
i honestly don't know how open most people are to polyamory, i see a lot of positivity for it and a lot of people who dislike it, so I was prepared to expect the worst.... so this is a nice surprise.
@Mint n' Chip Ice-Dreams: Hahaha... well... they do end up together, sorry to say. although varian and auberon end up together as well. it's a polygamous relationship. A Poly-V with varian in the center.... eventually. Probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it was the plan from the beginning. uwu
@mikedyke: Ah gosh thank you!! ;U; I'm so glad people seem to like them even if they don't make much sense hehe. uwu
I'm pretty sure at least 50% of the times Mared falls asleep he wakes up with a faerie on him.
@queensilian: Omg you guys are so sweet <3
@butter-bane: Aww thank you! >U< This makes me so happy ;v;
random useless trivia: varian loves peaches
@Elizabethxo: Thank you! Yeah they are very affectionate... I can't help myself. uwu