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I love video games and comics. I am a lovable person and can make friends easily.
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@RedSparrow: OMG! cant wait to see how it ends! :D
Like the comic more please!
nice comic, more more please, but do take your time with it =3
Yes, please update!!!!
Yay colored page!!!, nice character design too!!
Like her dress, sad she had to die though, and leaving a kid to.......
Lifes ruff
Awwwww, T-T
poor Link
I was not late.... *says sarcastically*
Tingle has a way of making an epic moment really cheap and silly
and yes the only way to make money,Wario, is to rip people of at the most important time,
A.K.A overpricing things when people really need them most.
Peach! Gannon you... (words I can't say)... really cool twist though
love the art design, you can draw pretty well