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I have a lot of fetishes, but surprisingly latex/rubber is not among then. But this spark my interest some. What are other fetishes that apply to this? Is it more popular amongst men or women? Whats more preferred; wearing latex or having their partner wear it? Is this a fetish you have?(you don't have to answer that one, im just curious. ^_^;)
This has me curious. I can't wait to see where this goes. I love your art, btw. ^_^
im kinda draw toward Seven Kings because ive thought about writing something similar before, but i also like insane people so Black Decade is also up there on the list of possible things i would read.
Aki's face in the first panel: OMG SO FUCKING CUTE! I WANT TO HUG HIM SO BAD!
Lol Ginger twins. I love it.
Wow, Sou actually managed to sound sweet for a minute there, and then he turned back into the Sou we all know and love, and that's just fine. ^_^
...I like her ass. It's nice. ^_^
Your art is really wonderful. I love it.
Wait wait is he getting a blowjob in the last panel?
I wish I had money...;_;
I'm lovin' his boots in the first panel. I would wear those.^_^
That must have been one hell of a night. ^_^