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Hello! ^^ I'm Silvererros, but you can just call me Silver. I'm a big anime fan, and some of my faves include Fullmetal Alchemist, D.Gray-Man, and Inuyasha. I love to draw and I occassionally write here and there. I like to rp now and again and I'm a co-author of "A Place of Our Own."
lol Shuno reminds me of my husband so much XD
November 23rd, 2013
@Quadrant: oh dear >.<' I could imagine Karol happily volunteering, but I don't know how Shuno or Kaito would feel about her involvement in that way.
They could still adopt, though being approved for that can be tough in a same sex relationship...then again that would add drama in a different way...could be interesting

Gotta say, Angel, I love how you're able to balance this story out so well. A few chapters or so of drama! And then several chapters of slice-of-life, relationshippy moments :3 And then DRAMA! And back to relaxing and the occasional build-up of a different tension >w<
Makes me wish I could work on my own webcomics more :/
Keep up the good work ^w^ and hope your semester's going well! Mine's been hell xp
everybody's talking about his kink, but I'd just like to know where they're going D: I feel like I missed something somewhere
Getting Back Into The Swing of Things
Hey guys!

Sorry for taking so long with this. My college professors are nuts this semester. I've had so much work to do, it's not even funny. XP

Anyway, here's page 4! If it wasn't clear yet where he is, it should be now.
I love her star-shaped scales :D Makes her so unique >w<
He should AT LEAST remember that Shuno likes it when he calls him by his full name. If anything, that's like his BIGGEST turn on!
@luluBRAWR: lol XD
@luluBRAWR: well how else is he gonna carry him, over his shoulder? lol I think Jude will be happy if he wakes up soon, that is if he's not awake already.
@bluswordgrl: nonono, no...he called him HIS Shunoki...even better! XD

and pffft I don't think they care at the moment
@Quadrant: I am suppressing some serious giggles right now >w< lol Best comment ever!
Bear hug of DOOM!! lol XD
Yes, I know, not a lot going on again. This will probably be the default setup for pages from now on; mostly line work with a little shading, simply because putting in all of the tones takes a lot of time which I haven't had a lot of.
I've been having a lot of computer troubles lately, especially since a timer has been put on the internet here and it's not quite where it should be yet. It keeps getting messed with. Other than that, just a lot of bad weather here with summer storms and such.
I'm just going to stop making promises till the issues are figured out and taken care of.
Next few pages will hopefully pick up the pace a little as Ed kind of figures out where he's at.
LOL Tamaki face for the win! XD Hisoka you goof >w<
An old, old, old sketch of Ed drawn full body, frontal view with default keyblade possibility. I will probably be starting him off with something a little different as I'm not sure how I feel about the current keyblade design. And yes, his right arm is flesh here; there's a reason for that that will come up later.
Things have been a little tough here. Between being sick, a timer on the internet, and power going out, I've had a tough time getting pages up. Hopefully things pick up soon.
Yeah, I know...
First page and not much to see. I had planned to put up the rest tonight, but the internet hear has a timer on it. I'll be posting again tomorrow (Tuesday), probably 2-3 of the next pages. The plan at the moment is to get the first 6 pages on here by the end of the week. Be on the look out, and hope you all had a good day.
The feels! .......
*flips table* That's it! My project over the next year is to make an animated trailer for this! I shall! (>^<)9
Here's the original concept drawing I drew back in High School.
Some Artwork...
To tease you a little till the pages can be uploaded. Release date will be revealed within the next week.
So does telling him everything include telling him about when they met??? 0o0