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A spriter, animator, and finally an artist in multiple ways, I'm the gal that's a girl.


What I'm doing currently:
1- In process of a story on future comics(sprited most likely)
3- In the process of waiting on others.
4- See all of the above.

DA 'cause wynaut~? :
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Yfw you go to the end and see the magic man has been blocked by the save place button- making it look like Copy put that there.
G.B.A only goes Dire when he needs to.
cOlOrS wEaVe InTo A sPiRe Of FlAmE
dIsTaNt SpaRkS CaLl tO a PaSt StIlL uNnAmEd
BaRe ThIs ToRcH aGaInSt ThE cOlD oF tHe NiGhT
SeArCh YoUr SoUl AnD rEaWakEn ThE uNdYiNg LiGht
Dewi wait!- Ah. No. He's gone. ;w;
>When someone asks you to help them with something, but they leave you to do it instead.
I am thou...

Thou art I...
>Last panel

Should we tell him?
It's always the fez not being there that gets ya...
Slinky fluff balls that make funny noises.
N'awwww the little shit is a sweet hearrrrrt~
The comical "Oh." always gets me.
Bad habits die hard other G.B.A

Quit smoking before it-s too late.
When your being called down to eat dinner, but the only thing you want is to watch videos and starve.
we're gonna die!

Or are we...?
Randalf is literally CHOKING on the dollar bills, if you know what I mean.