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A spriter, animator, and finally an artist in multiple ways, I'm the gal that's a girl.


What I'm doing currently:
1- In process of a story on future comics(sprited most likely)
3- In the process of waiting on others.
4- See all of the above.

DA 'cause wynaut~? :
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And then everyone died, the end.
Now it's time to take a step back and- BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF OUR FRIEND TO SAAAAAAVE HIM.
December 12th, 2017


That was mean.
Rain generally goes in a straight line when it rains. Either that, or its a hurricane out there.
And so, Jerry became a mole man. Blind to the rays of the sun, never to praise it...

I'm back
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You know what they say!

It's time to cook.
Are you planning to make a cover page for the comic>

I mean, you probably are but, I'd think it'd make it easier to understand what comic I see in the favorites- and I'd really like to see more people read this.

It's a cute comic after all. 'w'
More like Chains of No Remorse.
"This person's body layout feels light as--

Kami's just like, "Fuck this shit I'm out."
Welp, we hardly knew ye Randalf. You magnificent bastard.
That Cuiburn has had enough of your shit, old man.
Huggiiiies~ <3
You guys really need to know when to say shit and when not to. You might get attacked by someone who doesn't wait for you to explain shit.