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I draw cartoons for no particular reason. It has nothing to do with anything else I'm good at. I make my drawings in Inkscape.
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I always love the sad monsters!
Wonder if anyone's casting their votes by rolling a die? That would throw a wrench in things.
Also, the thing isn't talking in English, so it could just be a translation.

Wow! This is getting freaky. And mysterious. :o
@KreeTheBasilisk: I just can't get over the way you draw lizards! It's ADORABLE
Well, Jade pointed it out, and look where she ended up.
@KreeTheBasilisk: By "train station" I meant trains that go to other cities.

Also, "field" is what a lot of baseball stadiums are called, even though they're stadiums. That's the sort of thing I had in mind. ;)
Here's some ideas for subway stops:
* Train station (they probably have more of those in the future, right?)
* Vine St.
* State St.
* [Insert company name here] Field, home of the Valton Chargers baseball team (probably minor league?)
* Police station(s)
By the time we get to the epilogue, people are gonna have a whole lot of "fan" puns saved up.
The digital looks good. I'd stick with that unless you end up getting a new scanner (or using someone else's.) My parents have a scanner, so I'm lucky in that regard.
New headcanon: Ether is just really warm and needs to cool off
Is the image in the right ratio?
@Phenoix12: Should I change it? I probably could.
@LandenMaster: Inkscape
This probably comes before some of the other N1 comics, chronologically. Right after Poopykook's page might be a good place to slot it in.
How's Miz's color scheme? I can change it very easily if needed - this whole thing is in Inkscape.

By the way, Miz probably isn't sleeping - he might be taking a nap.
J'aime ta page :)
I don't think I'll be able to get a comic in before D1. I just can't get any ideas for what to do... (Not to mention I'm going to bed soon!)

EDIT: Tomorrow I'll look over the character descriptions again. There are so many I can barely keep track! But one of those should give me a good start.
like the thumbs-up!
Anyone have ideas for someone Jade could interact with? I'm completely blanking right now.
@KreeTheBasilisk: Any chance you could send me the font you used for Jade?
@Lite Side o' d Force: Sounds fine with me. Other people are doing it.