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CloudClan got driven out by a recyclable product :O
I thought like a disco piano was falling on them..
uM.. is he... constipated??
LOL imagine if Starpelt decided to become leader..
Starstar xD
The only thing Barney is vulnerable to is... pineapples.
Yes yes the monster and his shirt minions!!!
The Stickmen.. Best. Name. EVA.
I thought that was a George Washington wig.. O_O
I would sigh too if everyday some blue dude knocked your head off your body..
Car crashes happen not very frequently at a 99.9% rate! Very safe.
Gold medal to the guy for earthquake-causing!
OMG there is a talking witch's head jutting out from the rock!!
I dunno.. the commentators look like they could eat the monster trucks...
It is so still that the windows and people are falling out of the plane!!
It's not in the window, it's out of it..
Best... page... ever! XD
He needs to catch his own mouth first.
This is good, but I recommend you use something like GIMP or Intuos.. those are kind of neater and have useful tools.
Um.. I hate to break it to you but this seriously isn't all that great...