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Caboose Beni
I'm somewhat good looking (or so I'm told), dark brown hair, green/blue eyes, 5'11'', and I normaly wear glasses.

I am prone to random bursts of creative insight that normaly occure at inopertune moments which preceed me finding that I havent any capacity to effectivly comunicate those mental creations to others.

(Translation): I come up with great stories and/or drawings at all the wrong times (in class, in a movie thearter, etc.) and then shortly afterwords I remember that I compleatly suck at drawing and kinda suck at writing, so most of my creations go to waste.
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    Benjamin (Just call me Ben)
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I always new Kairi was bad-ass.
i nearly gave up on you. Glad to see that you're still doing this comic.
tthe most powerful card in the univers.
the second ability shouild have been, "force duels opponent, ownes opponent completly and uterly."

aside from that, love your comic.
(atempts to post a comment but can't becuase he's laughing too hard)
you've got major talent, and I don't say that often.
ow the horror of crushed ice
yeah thats cool looking