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I've matured GREATLY since I started, so I can safely say I hate looking at this place and seeing either good authors go bad, or new authors never try, it's just awful. Also yaoi, I'm sick of yaoi, I have nothing against it, but it needs to stop being everywhere.

*cough* Ahem... I uh... I still sprite occasionally, practicing different styles, but I've given up on some styles, specifically Sonic styled sprites because I'm just horrible at the style and I prefer going for as original of a character as I can.

I am scytheholder, name has an origin I don't know, and I have no sprites which use a scythe. Figure it out for yourself, if you read this, you know slightly more than you did before. If you didn't... go back and read, "tl;dr" is for morons who want to shorten their words for people who won't bother!
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Scythe has recently been spotted moving around a bank in an almost suspicious manner.
The last panel just makes me smile.
I can't tell who's winning, but it may be the second-to-the-left brick on the bottom of the wall.
If you look at it from the point of view "it's taken so long to get this far, why the hell not?" it makes perfect sense.
The other views exist, but they're not nearly as important as the one that makes the most sense. Logic robots will come and get you if you go against it.
I have not been this confused in reading a sprite comic in months.
I am both scared and happy that this has recently started updating again
Love Gold version.
Wow, this looks really good. Seeing a Mareep and a Wooper are a nice change of pace and a great trip down memory lane...
Two of my favorites when I was younger and playing Gold version.
All shall be judged by what is seen. Thus is the correct spriting way! Note: I forget, what's the percent of girls now that aren't lesbians or complete whores?
That growing process was fast. 3 years. Is she a witch? Cause if she's a witch there needs to be something said.
I think the only issue is that his jacket seems to be tucked into the pants. Personally, I think it's better to work your way up when doing the clothing, starting from the shoes and ending at whatever is topmost, be it a shirt, a jacket, a coat, a vest, or some form of headgear. Course, I still use XP paint to sprite for the most part(thank you having a computer with XP paint), so I don't even understand half the stuff being said here. The pencil tool is my lord. And the eraser tool is my queen. The selection tool might be the king, and I think the paint bucket tool is a duke. I do think the polygon tool is the evil chancellor, and the dropper tool is the valiant knight trying to stop him. Ooo! The paintbrush tool is the old and wise sage of the story. I believe I've gone into MS Paint insanity. Awesome.
...Smugleaf shall always be Smugleaf... that voice only helps...
Person. Paint guide. Not shitty. It's so beautiful and rare these days I might just cry. Shame I'm not too good with Sonic sprites. Still impressive and beautiful, especially the grammar. Beautiful... accurate grammar... You seem to be a foreigner to SJ, that's the only possibility I see.
Wow, that's really badas-*screams like a little girl and hides under the bed after seeing the third outfit*
Well... looks like he ignored Superman's warning of "Freeze!"... they don't all have to be gold...
MIL. That's unfortunately close to a word...
If you knew what your producer did, what would you do?
Wow, I'm shocked at how long people can keep their arms up for... granted most of them are machines...
Ah, the stupid one blatantly blurts things out. Gotta love it when that happens. However, except for the last line of panels, those 4 seemed rather dead... I like the second-to-last one though, they are awesome with dot eyes.
5 or 6 months of lack of interesting things happening.