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@RealmMisfit and @Gamaran Sepudomyn

First off, thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you both enjoyed it. :) To answer some questions yes, I do plan on continuing's just been a bit of a rough road over the past year. Some real life and professional obligations as well as some health oriented issues have kept me away. I love working on the comic, and one day I really do want to return to it.

Sorry there's nothing for the five year anniversary; all I can really offer is my apologies. Life can throw you some curve balls sometimes, but I'm hoping that one day I'll get back to it.
I'll say this, folks. :o Getting old obliterates your energy and your ability to multitask. Hope this comic sheds some light on things, and assures you that Wootlabs isn't dead! Be back with more soon!
These two. So dorky.
Seriously. Don't try keeping Penny away from her wife. She might still be just a little dangerous.
Boom, new page! Enjoy, everyone!
September 21st, 2015
Here we go!
No Comic for 9/14:

Sorry folks. :( I had a dentist follow up on Thursday that left me two whole teeth lighter, and I'm still recovering/on meds. But this is the last absent comic for a while, I promise! Next week for sure!
Poor Riot, she almost got to sit in the hero section, but now she's babysitting in the bad guy seats.
Here we go...!
Drawing Riot Girl reacting to the nonsense surrounding her has become one of my favorite things about the comic. >.>

Enjoy today's comic! And if you're interested to see some previews for the upcoming Heroic Hustle card game, check out my tumblr! I'm posting new previews semi-daily!
C'mon Alice, suck it up and bully that old lady.
@PiMaster, Thanks! :D I'm glad you're enjoying it!

@Whip the Rabbit, It's likely that Professor Colt looks at magic as science that isn't fully understood yet. It's an anomaly, but not a mystical one. This is how Penny used to look at it, but after her constant run ins with Judamaru and Wizard Ant, she's had a change of heart. Now she just hates it. :)
Amy was close when she picked a big, dumb brute to get the professor there. She just didn't pick the -right- one.

Hey folks, make sure to follow me on tumblr! This week I'm going to start previewing art for the Heroic Hustle card game that was kickstarted! :D
To be fair, the necromantic uprising wasn't really her fault.
Follow me on tumblr for news and arts!

So, Penny's Mom is a jerk, but she isn't a homophobic jerk.

I don't usually get political in the comic, but this idea was in my head for a while. I wanted Professor Colt to not approve, but for a different reason than "the usual" in these sort of stories. It also just didn't make sense from her character perspective; she's simply too smart to care about what gender her daughter loves.
Hey everyone! I'd like to apologize for the lack of comics in June. Usually I've been very good about letting people know if updates will be delayed/slowed, but this past month was a little rough. Without going into too much detail, I'm sort of pulling myself back up and getting back into the swing of things. Thanks for being patient!

And enjoy today's comic! As well as another horrifying glimpse into Lynn's mysterious past!

Also, I made a tumblr this past week! Not much on it yet, but if you toss me a follow I'd be totes appreciative! It'll have some non-Woot art, as well as an ongoing display of card game art! (And pics of cats. Many pics of cats.)
@drako234, Not yet! Sorry, it's been a rough few weeks. But I have this Monday's page blacklined and half-inked, so there'll def be a new Wootlabs for July 6th.

Apologies to everyone that's been hanging in there for a new page. Some stuff out of my control decided to shake my monkey tree pretty hard.
Back in the saddle with new comics every week! :D
We made it!
The Kickstarter was a big success! Thanks to everyone that pledged. (We even got a Janet Varney shoutout on her podcast! :D) We'll be upgrading to a new website in the coming months and making everything look better, so stay tuned.

As for this wonderful picture, it's a commission from the very talented Walking North. Check out their art on tumblr here. Some really fantastic work, especially if you're a fan of Korra or Harry Potter. Thanks for the great work, WN! Penny and Amy never looked so cute.

We'll be back to the comic again next week, but I thought ya'll might enjoy this cuteness after having to put up with me promoting the Kickstarter for a full month. :)
Heroic Hustle is halfway there!
Update: Sorry folks, but I don't have a comic for this Monday! The Kickstarter's been doing great but it's also been taking up a TON of my time! I'm really sorry for the lack of comics lately, BUT next week I have a surprise for ya'll!

Also, if you haven't already please check out the Heroic Hustle Kickstarter. We're REALLY close and it ends this Wednesday!

Well everyone, thanks to your kindness and support we're about halfway there with ten days left to go! We're further along than a lot of Kickstarters get, and it's been an amazing experience so far.

You can help us out by linking the Kickstarter on your social media of choice, and letting people know that might be interested. It's an entirely co-op game with the same heart as Wootlabs, and with the same positive, inclusive atmosphere.

With ten days to go, it's getting pretty close. Any shares of the project are enormously appreciated. It's incredible to have gone this far, and it'll be even more amazing when we make this dream a reality!