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Devoted to dragons and fantasy in general - and I love to have too much to do!
Beware of bad puns and complicated jokes.
@leorabbit247: [wow, it's been a long time since I remembered to check this site...]
No, his pants are just tannish. If you look carefully, you'll notice his skin is somewhat pink while the pants/legs are sorta yellow. It was a bad color choice either way... I made a number of errors in this image (I intended to color the lineart in some places, for instance) so it's more than likely I forgot to change it from the filler color I was using.
I've been making progress as an artist since I drew this page, and I'm actually planning out the next page for the first time since March, when the lineart for this one was finished!
I'm guessing those are fears... fits the pattern, after all.
Poor little white lie...
Due to various complications, I haven't had time to do a new page for a week or two.
Futuretense WILL be coming back, and WILL receive new pages at some point in the foreseeable future (ha) although I might be scaling back to only every couple pages being in full color etc. etc.

In the mean time, have some (old) concept art of one of the main characters! Hint: they're on the cover for chapter one.

This is the first thing I ever drew with a tablet... it shows.
EDIT: hmmm... is there any way to make Unchaptered pages display at the end of the comic instead of the beginning?
Liking the comic so far!'s nice to see a comic about school that actually bears some resemblance to reality.
Like science fiction? Tired of apocalypses at every corner? Think aliens are cool?
FutureTense might be the comic for you.

No really, those are some seriously adorable aliens. Go check it out.
Yay! Protagonist!
hmmm, someone seems to be slacking off at work. And Homework. At the same time.
(Now THAT takes skill.)

Oh look, no more annoying subtitles.

I'm going to stop leaving commentary on my art here. That's for y'all random passerby to inform me of.
...of all times to reach the update point.

Liking the story so far!
@melaredblu: Oh wow, thanks!
(Honestly, I probably spent longer figuring out the best way to do stars than spent on the planet...)
March 27th, 2012
Good news: We get to see our protagonist next page!

Bad news: My tablet keeps spazzing... so it might be a little while...
I don't even know what I just read, but it's amazing.
XD Expectations vs. relity...

(...doesn't he have green blood though? He seems to be blushing red...)
(Quietly pretending copy/paste has nothing to do with this page.)

Oh look, now we know what it is.
What program are you using? If it's Photoshop or GIMP, I should be able to help... (Actually that goes for any sort of advice you might want! The plot is promising, and you could fairly easily amp up the visuals a bit more to match it...)
The text is a little hard to read. Might want to make the dialogue boxes a little more opaque or use white text (Ran into this a lot on my comic too, actually.)
Overall comments:
1. JPEGS look better if you avoid saturated colors like that yellow textbox. I'd advise sticking to greyscale or muted tones if you don't have time to slap color on the rest of it, and just... not using that color. It's a little hard to focus on the rest of the page.
2. Save at the 9-10 level. I've got a not-fantastic internet connection and really complex pages on my comic, but the increase in upload time is worth getting rid of all those JPEG artifacts.
3. If you run all your stuff through Word and utilize spelling and grammar checks, suddenly proofing your work gets sooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier. No exaggeration. (Also right-clicking underlined words in a webbrowser tends to give you spell-check...)

Overall: The concept looks good, but the jokes that I spotted were partially obscured by bad formatting, hard-to-read text and misspelling.
... why hello there Ringworld. Assuming this is a Niven reference?
(Either that or a Star Trek episode I haven't seen yet)
@Andrea C.Castro: They took longer than they should have to generate, but I'm glad people like them :)
Oh look, it actually looks like Mars again. What a surprise.
...this is by far the worst page in the entire comic.
I don't even remember when I did it...