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@Anonymous: once i streamline my workflow and make a new cover page for chapter 1
@First151: I'm fine! I'm still online and stuff, just focusing on life and finding a job.
July 13th, 2018
here come the heartgold beta pokemon! wonder what he will think about beta leafeon?
Dang their teacher must really like making things with fire if the kids are already bored of it XP
Seems a liittle risky considering that the building looks to be made of mostly wood.

Also I just gotta add that I love that Grace is a more prominent character in this story, she was one of my favorite characters back in the original comic!
ahh it beginsss! and its a beautiful page too! I'm loving the use of colors and painterly shading~.
Milo is ANGER boi >:o

also i love Riley's expression, its pretty much his fault that Milo got thrown into the water XP
starting for real this time probably
So small update, I updated some designs, edited some things, and changed Ace's name to Alex.

Alex's Aura color is... a Clear Aqua Blue!
Alex's gender is Nonbinary, and they will go by They/Them pronouns.
They have blue eyes, a Serious nature, and their characteristic is Likes to relax.

The old Chapter 1 cover page can still be viewed on my DA here:

As for a life update its been the busiest summer of my life, in July alone, my uncle died to Alzheimer's, and my grandfather passed away, then I moved out of my house to live with my grandmother, and my family wants me to start job hunting.

I'm over all the sad stuff already, My main focus SHOULD be job hunting, but I just have so much stuff i want to do in this community and as a solo artist. me and my older brother are working on an original IP, I want to start a YouTube channel that reviews and does tutorials for art programs. There's so much stuff I want to do before I ever have to set foot in a professional work space. my goals probably seem unrealistic, but I want this stuff to be my lifeblood so badly and I'm determined to work for it.

There are of course ways you guys can help, I started a ko-fi page and I still have my patreon. any support you guys are willing to give would help me stay on track for my goals and allow me to work even harder to make quality content. you can find their links in their respective places on this site.

If you donate via ko-fi, I would even be willing to do a simple one character shaded sketch for you. Just say that you'd like to make a request when donating via ko-fi and I'll get to you as soon as i can!

Also that discord server I started a while back is still a thing! you can join it to connect with other readers, authors, and fans. I have to say it's become a pretty good group honestly! I look forward to meeting anyone who joins it!
August 16th, 2017
Alex's ability super luck is supposed to prevent this kind of stuff, but its much more amusing when it doesnt! XD thanks for including them!
>Hold the CONNECTION ORB out the window to try to get a better signal_

love the little static-cat fur jolting up when she bumps into Matt, could be attributed to static from bumping into an electric type possibly but i'm pretty sure its surprise, maybe she's on edge because she's up to no good? :o we'll see >w<
>quit smoking because its bad for your health_
oh dear, topaz seems to have become enamored with something off-panel, (or the panel border itself, in that case byebye fourth wall.)

I cant be certain due to Clara's psychic communication with her in her egg, but I'm not sure if anyone taught her not to talk to strangers yet!
@eevee_op: no, that is called buffer. reboot in this case is when one starts over on a story in an attempt to do a better job on it.
@Neksu: I think its great that you wrote it like that! its a clear reminder that pokemon is a global thing~
@those 3 guests above me: I think he's just adjusting one of the bullets in her ammo belt to match the others probably.
@TeddiGuy04: i guess not, can't think of anything i'd want to put here
@SlicerWorld: many reasons, Ace's and Ruthe's designs changed completely, and I'm sure people remember all the pages i took down, it was due to the fact that I needed to actually do things legit in the planning stages of comic developement, so thats what im doing now.
Thats right! The reboot is now live! It might be a bit before pages start rolling out. but i always feel that its best to get something out there and just start! I'll give you the link to the new site! and make sure to participate in the google form to decide how Ace will be presented when you get there!.