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My name is Charsya Paul. I am a police officer by day and a manga artist by night. I love drawing. I've been working on my comic Dark-N-Light since I was 14 years old. On the side, I am also a manga publisher ;) we are just starting off and we are doing fairly well i must say. With the help of my cousin Moyia we making a name for ourselves!! but enough about her this is my page I really hope you guys like my comic and feel free to leave comments :)
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Hey marshmello muffin. Not at the moment, but we do plan on going to some cons next year.
This is only a teaser on what to expect in Volume 2 of Dark N Light. Almost done and ready to publish. And as you can see I am improving :D
Join the Team! Submissions end December 31 2011!!!! Don't be lazy! This could be your chance to have your manga published! If you are serious about being a manga artist or even a comic artist, P2 Manga is here to give you a chance to show your stuff.
Just for the Heck
Im clearly not sure what type of comics you guys review all ive seen was sprite comics :)

but anywho, I wanted to give this a shot lol. My manga is called Dark-N-Light. This manga was released in '09, but i progressed since then. since this manga is old the backgrounds (i.e houses, buildings etc) are rather uhh... yea. i relied on photoshop brushes throughout this manga but stopped. well anyway not trying to make excuses just wanted to give you a heads up^^.
@Marshmello Thank you my cousin designed the add for me to put in the back of the other manga's im publishing to introduce volume 2 when its available. it should be ready by the summer^^

i drew Velika and Kiara and she colored it to enhance her coloring skills.
Thank you for becoming a fan of Dark-N-Light manga. more pages will be up soon ;) this comic was hilarious :P